Värmland, archaic spelling Wermland, is a province (landskap) in the Svealand region in Sweden. It borders the provinces of Västergötland, Dalsland, Dalarna, Västmanland and Närke. It also borders Norway (Östfold and Hedmark) in the west and Sweden's largest lake, Vänern.


Värmland County. Degerfors and Karlskoga belong to Örebro County.

Western Värmland

Northern Värmland

Värmlands bergslag

A mining district in eastern Värmland.

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A mountain range along the Swedish-Norwegian border is called the 'Fjäll' (though the word 'fjäll' is used in middle Sweden for any type of mountain). Typical for the Fjäll mountains are their rounded tops, usually lacking any well defined peaks. The upper part of the mountains usually rises above the tree-line and only shrubs grow there.

Get in

By plane

Karlstad Airport has daily flights to Stockholm and Copenhagen. Tickets are purchased from the airline Skyways. Another option is to fly to Oslo airport (Gardermoen) and go to Sweden from there.

By rail

SJ connects Värmland's cities with the rest of Sweden. On the website you can also buy tickets to Oslo in Norway, which is about three hours from Karlstad.

By car

The main arteries are the E18 road, which connects Karlstad with Stockholm and Oslo, and road 45 (Inlandsvägen) leading south to Gothenburg. Road 45 crosses the E18 just west of Karlstad.

Get around

Klarälvsbanan is a very good and level bike path to the north from Karlstad, in total 90 kilometers along the Klarälven river. It is a former railway track, so it is car-free. It is also very good for by roller scating.

Local and regional buses and trains are managed by Värmlandstrafik. Schedules and a travel planner is available at their site Kollplatsen. Cash is not the best way to pay but prepaid cards which gives discount. Always buy advance.

Fryksdalsbanan, train, is considered very beautiful.


Museum Sandgrund in Karlstad. Contemporary art.


Rent a kayak in Karlstad. Get close up with beavers, see birds and the fresh water delta. Iceskating on lakes. Mariebergsviken in Karlstad prepares a track when weather permits.


Moose meat (älgkött) is a widely available regional specialty. A dish served on special occations, especially outdoors is nävgröt med fläsk och lingon. Porridge with pork and lingonberries to be eaten with hands. Värmlanskorv is a sausage bought at supermarket. Any small village has a "pizzeria". Locally adapted pizzas served with cabbage. Pizza with kebab is popular for example.

Berries of the forest. Its for free and abundant in season. Mushrooms. Pick your own or buy at local market. At supermarkets its often import.


Drink water straight from the tap. It has good quality. Not from taps on trains or buses though. Buying bottled water is a waste of money. Alcohol with local flavours are sold at Systembolaget. Flavours are cloudberries and other kinds of "snaps". Syrups made from local berries can be found at supermarkets. Brand Torfolk is local from Torsby. Popular flavour is black currant. Check content for amount of berries. You get what you pay for..

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