Uzhhorod (Ukrainian, Russian: Ужгород, Hungarian: Ungvár, German: Uschhorod) is a city in Western Ukraine, the administrative center of Zakarpatska Oblast (Transcarpthian Region). Its population is 120,000 people.


The Regional Administration Building
Korso - the main street

Uzhhorod, or Uzhgorod as transliterated till the end of 20th century, is the administrative center of the youngest region in Ukraine - Transcarpathia, which was annexed to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1945. Until then it was part of Czechoslovakia and before 1919 it was Austro-Hungarian. The population of Uzhhorod is multiethnic. The majority of the natives are Ukrainian, but there are a lot of Russians (who immigrated here after World War II), Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, Jews and Gypsies. A foreigner has to be very patient with the natives, because some of them will be glad to help you, but some might like to make your life tougher. Anyway, Uzhhorod is a very interesting place to visit because the cultures cross here.

Uzhhorod's downtown is very nice with shops, restaurants, and even a small hotel.

Get in

By plane

Uzhhorod Central Rail Terminal

Uzhhorod Airport has been closed since 2014.

By train

By bus

By car

Make sure you have all necessary documents relating to car registration, insurance, etc., when crossing the border into Ukraine.

Uzhhorod has a 24-hour entry point from Slovakia, where an extensive border complex has been constructed with financial support from the European Union. This is on the E50 European highway route which should eventually extend from Vienna to Kiev, via Bratislava and Košice. Eastward travel by road experiences little delay, but there are often extensive queues in the other direction. In theory pedestrians are allowed to cross this border, but in practice Slovak guards prevent them. One option for those without their own transport is to walk back down the road and hitch a lift through from a Ukrainian vehicle, which they will generally do free or for $5-10/€5-10.

The newly renovated M06 highway connects Kiev with Budapest and runs through Uzhhorod. Driving from the direction of Budapest (Chop) you need to go straight after Rizivka through Mynay. If you drive from the direction of Kiev (Mukachevo), you need to turn right after Rozivka. The road from Rizivka-Mynay will take you as far as Zakarpattia Hotel (the city's largest hotel) and then Petofi Square in downtown.

If travelling by rental car from Hungary or Slovakia, make sure to check the rental agreement to see if you will be allowed to enter Ukraine. Many car rental agencies will not allow their cars to be taken there. If this is the case then you will likely be turned away at the border.

Get around

Public transport

Locals use marshrutkas (small buses) to get around. Those cost 3 UAH per ride, can be crowded and uncomfortable but do their job in getting you there.

By taxi

Taxis in Uzhhorod are very cheap and arguably the easiest way to get around town. A typical fare is between 20 - 35 UAH. Taxi drivers tend to charge foreigners more, so be assertive and agree on the price beforehand.


The Castle
The Greek-Catholic Cathedral

Holy Places

Roman-Catholic Cathedral

Out of the Center



Nevytske castle

Further afield


Transcarpathian Philharmony





Lake Synevyr, Zakarpatska National park

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