Uusimaa (Swedish:Nyland) is a region along the coast in Southern Finland, with hundreds of islands, some big lakes and inland countryside. The Finnish capital Helsinki is in central Uusimaa.


Street in Ekenäs.

Other destinations

Ainola at lake Tuusula, home of Jean Sibelius.


The coastal areas are traditionally Swedish speaking. The capital region has drawn much people from elsewhere, so the Swedish speaking are nowadays mostly a minority (3–9 % in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, about half in most other coastal municipalities). The inland is Finnish speaking.

Get in

If you are arriving in Finland by air or sea you will likely arrive in Helsinki, where the largest airport and several major harbors are located. All passenger airports in Finland except Lappeenranta have a flight to Helsinki (for many of them it is the only destination) and most longer train lines end in Helsinki. Direct buses connect Helsinki with all larger cities in Finland, and to get there from the smaller ones you would usually have to transfer just once. For other destinations in Uusimaa trains and buses usually stop on their way to Helsinki in cities along the route; it is for instance possible to get off in Porvoo if you're coming from east or in Järvenpää if you're coming from north – otherwise you would most likely need to transfer in Helsinki.

Get around

Again, Helsinki is the hub of the region and there are generally no form of public transportation bypassing the city. There are at least a couple of buses a day to every city and municipality in the region from Helsinki. Local trains take you north to places like Kerava, Järvenpää, Mäntsälä and Hyvinkää and west to Kirkkonummi, Siuntio and Raseborg.



Torsö island in Raseborg.

Recreation areas

Uusimaa coast is relatively densely populated and large areas along the shore are privately owned, so sometimes visitors can struggle to find a place for recreational use.

In Uusimaa region the Association of recreation areas (sv: Föreningen Nylands friluftsområden, fi:Uudenmaan virkistysalueyhdistys) buys and leases scenic areas that are suitable for outdoor and recreational use. These areas are often located at the coast (as well as islands) and are free to use for camping, BBQing, canoeing, mushroom and berry picking, swimming and other activities under everyman's right (fi:jokamiehenoikeus).

The list of the areas can be found at the Association's web page (in Finnish and Swedish only).

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