Utsjoki (North Sami: Ohcejohka) is a municipality in Finnish Lapland and the main village of the municipality.

Utsjoki is the northernmost municipality of Finland and the European Union. It's located beside the Teno river (Norwegian: Tana, Sámi: Deatnu) and the border to Norway.


Buildings by Mantojärvi.

The municipality is very sparsely populated, with large wilderness areas. About half the population is Sami. Reindeer husbandry is important both culturally and economically. The border trade with Norway is important and social ties across the border common.

The second most important village is Nuorgam, some 50 km north-east from Utsjoki. Nuorgam is the very northernmost point of Finland – and of EU.

The third village is Karigasniemi (Sami: Gáregasnjárga) in the west, also by the border to Norway.

Get in

Practically, the only way to get to Utsjoki is using the roads; either driving or travelling with the bus (timetables by Matkahuolto). Remember that distances are huge.

One can reach Utsjoki using E75 from the south or either E6 or national road 92 from Norway. E75 via Rovaniemi (with good connections) passes by Ivalo 163 km to the south, with an airport. There are daily coach services.

E6 passes 4 km (3 mi) north of Utsjoki and Nuorgam, on the Norwegian side of the border. There are daily coaches from Rovaniemi via Ivalo, Kaamanen, Utsjoki and Nuorgam to Tana Bru and Vadsø (in summer only?).

The Norwegian national road 92 from Karasjok becomes Finnish national road 92 at Karigasniemi. There are daily coaches from Rovaniemi via Ivalo, Kaamanen and Karigasniemi to Nordkapp.

Get around

You can use daily long distance coach services from Rovaniemi (Eskelisen Lapin linjat), the bus with mail from Ivalo (Golden Line) and possibly school buses. There are taxis.

The national roads are in good shape, built as straight lines through the wilderness. Minor roads may be in less good condition, especially in the winter, spring and early summer.

In the winter there are snowmobile routes, which can be used also for longer journeys. Driving outside routes is forbidden, with some exceptions.


Kevo canyon in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, Finland



People coming from the Norwegian side of the border usually head for the Alko store in Nuorgam to buy liquor, because it's far cheaper than in Norway.

Tourists from elsewhere will most probably find some souvenirs more interesting.


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Visit the nearby village of Tana in Norway.

Routes through Utsjoki

Kirkenes Tana  N  S  Karasjok Narvik
Vardø Tana  N  S  Inari Rovaniemi

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