Uro Islands

The Uro Islands are floating islands made of reed, situated in Lake Titicaca on the Peruvian Altiplano.


These islands are made from tortora rushes, as are the houses on them and the residents' boats. part of the tortora can even be eaten! The people of the Uros Islands who predate the Incas speak the Aymara language. it is thought that they may have fled to the islands to escape hostile tribes, including the Incas. The islands can, of course, be moved and have been in fairly recent years because of the Shining Path revolutionary movement in Peru. it was expected that they would be safer nearer to the mainland. Tourism is now important to the islands' economy.

Until recently the only option for visiting the islands were on the daytime with a tour, or independent. But a recent option for accommodation on the islands opens an opportunity to get a better experience of the life on the floating islands and to create better connections with the locals.

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