Upper Franconia

Upper Franconia is a region in the state of Bavaria in Germany.


Richard Wagner's Festival Theater (Festspielhaus) in Bayreuth
Kulmbach Market place
Theresienstein at Hof
Bamberg: Altes Rathaus (old townhall) over the river

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There are three holy hills that are important for Upper Franconia. Those were already populated in prehistoric times. The Walberla near Kirchehrenbach, the Staffelberg near Bad Staffelstein and the Kreuzberg near Hallerndorf with a pilgrimage church built in 1463 and beer cellars of three breweries.

Tradition An old tradition in Upper Franconia is the Stärk’ antrinken (drink force) on the evening before 6th January or on 6th January itself. The force in this context stands for health and strength for the new year to be aware of upcoming contrarieties.


You can find a great variety of franconian dialects. There are differences in every village. The “breite Brett” (broad board) is named e.g. in the Bayreuth area as “braades Breed” and in the Coburg area as “breedes Braad”. Half a liter beer is commonly known as “Seidla”.

Stay safe

In regular statistics of the police Upper Franconia is named the area in Bavaria with the least felonies per habitant. Bavaria is one of the most secure areas in Germany.

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