University Park

University Park is a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex region of Texas.


University Park, a predominantly residential community of 23,000 residents, is located approximately five miles north of downtown Dallas. The City is the home of Southern Methodist University and is also known for its attractive homes, beautiful parks, and numerous churches. The location of University Park in north-central Dallas provides easy access to a broad range of cultural, recreational, shopping, and business activities.

Get in

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (IATA: DFW), and Love Field (IATA: DAL) are the major airports in the area. There are also a host of other, smaller municipal airports including some that only allow helicopter access.

Once in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, driving is the easiest as University Park offers little in the way public transit. Taxis are available as is limousine service but renting a car is likely preferable. As with any major metropolitan area, car rental agencies abound, particularly around airports.

Get around

Once in University Park, walking works well for short distances. Some bus service may be available from the local transit authority - DART.You can check the DART web site for more information, scheduling, and even a handy route planner application that will help you plot how to get where you'd like to go.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex doesn't have an extensive public transit system as yet. Public transit here is very young and hasn't had the decades of service that other similarly sized areas (e.g. Chigago, London, New York, etc.) to develop. The recent economic downturn has prompted DART to make announcements about reductions in service due to lost sales tax revenue, so be sure to check the current schedules before planning a trip.

Otherwise, it is probably advisable to rent a car. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex unlike many other locations, has not been limited by geographgy (e.g. Manhattan Island) so instead of building up, the sprawl has spread outward. If you are planning to travel beyond University Park, renting a car is likely the most convenient way to travel.






There's not much to drink here since most of the community surrounds the campus.

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