Main gate of Umerkot fort with two large bastions
Cannon displaying outside the museum

Umerkot, is a historical town in southeastern Sindh largely known for its gigantic historical fort and being the birthplace of Mughal emperor Akbar the Great, the location of which is marked by a monument.


Umerkot lit means the fort of Umer, remained the capital of Greater Sindh, which also included some parts of present day Rajasthan state of India. The town became prominent during the time of the Mughals and later the British Raj. The Mughal king Akbar was born in Umerkot when his father Humayun fled from military defeat at the hands of Sher Shah Suri. Rana Prasad, a Hindu Sodha Rajput ruler of Amarkot, gave refuge to Humayun.

A significant folklore story relating to Umerkot is that of Umar Marvi, a young girl abducted by Umer, then-ruler and believed be the funder of the Umerkot, who wanted to marry because of her beauty. Upon her refusal she was imprisoned in the historic Umerkot Fort for many years until her ultimate release. Because of her courage, Marvi is an idol for the local people of Umerkot.

Get in

Most of the visitors to Umerkot get in through nearest major city of Mirpur Khas and can be reached easily by car on 75km long Umerkot-Mirpur Khas Rd and journey may take less than an hour. Buses and vans, both non air-conditoned and air-conditoned are easily available for Umerkot from Mirpur Khas as well from other major cities of Sindh throughout the day time. A ticket on bus from Mirpur Khas cost about Rs 150 and journey may take between an hour and an hour and a half.

Get around

One can go to different parts of the town by self driven cars, private taxis as well shared motorcycle type rickshaws. Within Umerkot, rickshaws provide cheap and quick transportation for going from one place to another as well are perfectly fine for town tour, may charge Rs 200. Taxis are generally private cars and operated by taxi companies and can be easily hailed only from the taxi stands as distinguishing between a taxi and a private car may be difficult. You can ask at a hotels to arrange a taxi as well. These taxis are usually air-conditioned, modern and clean fleet which makes them the most comfortable, luxurious way to navigate around the town of Umerkot especially in the blistering hot weather of Summer.


Umarkot museum building
  • Archaeological Museum Umerkot. 8AM-6PM daily. This museum comprises of some small halls is inside the Umerkot Fort and have many items on display such as paintings of Mughal emperors, royal documents, armoury, manuscripts, specimens of calligraphies, jewellery showcasing the culture of Thar Desert, as well many Jain and Hindu sculptures. Rs 20 local and Rs 300 foreigner.
Beautiful monument of Birthplace of Akbar



There're many basic restaurants scattered throughout the town of Umerkot, all severing Pakistani food however not all are hygienic as most of less basic restaurants. Expect to pay minimum Rs 200 for a single dish wherever and whatever you eat.


A view from outside of Ghosia Guest House

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