Ulleungdo is an island to the east of the Korean peninsula belonging to South Korea.

Satellite image of Ulleungdo

Get in

Ulleungdo does not have an airport, so access is only possible by ferries, operated by Dae-A Express and Seaspovill. Your port choices are Gangneung and Mukho in Gangwon, Pohang in North Gyeongsang. The Mukho Ferry Terminal is in the city of Donghae. There are one or two boats a day. The fare for the Gangneung ferries "Sea Star" is ₩48,000 each way, the other ferries being slightly more expensive.

Route Ferry Departure from Origin Departure from Ulleungdo Travel Time Fare
Mukho to Ulleungdo Ocean Flower 10:00 17:30 2 hours 20 minutes ₩51,000
Mukho to Ulleungdo Sea Flower 09:00 16:00 3 hours ₩51,000
Pohang to Ulleungdo Sun Flower 09:40 14:40 3 hours ₩58,000

Get around

There are local mini-buses that carry about a dozen passengers at a time. They depart from Dodong Port, the administrative area of the island, then split into different routes; one goes up to the north side while another runs into the center and the other takes to the south. There is a bus between Dodong-ri to Jeodong-ri every 30 minutes. For the latest timetable tourist information should have the most up-to-date schedule. As of November 2011, the basic fare is ₩1,000 to travel between Dodong and Jeodong. All other fares are ₩1,500. Bear in mind that buses do stop running a lot earlier than on the mainland (last buses depart before 20:00), as it is difficult to get a taxi at night unless you are in Dodong or Jeodong.

Since convenient transportation is scarce, taxis may be a good option to get around the island. You can catch them at the Dodong Port when you get off the boat. A taxi ride around the island should cost you around ₩80,000 to ₩90,000 a day. There is also the option to rent a car although knowing someone who speaks the language would be a big plus.


A November view from a high place

Rich in tourist attractions, Ulleungdo will not leave you wanting for things to see.



Squid drying on Ulleungdo

Some of the food items that are unique to the island are honghap bap, seasoned rice with mussels; sanchae bibimbap, rice mixed with sprouts and roots found natively'; yakso bulgogi, barbequed beef that was raised on herbs and vegetables growing on the island. Other food items special to Ulleungdo include the cuttlefish and the hobak yeott (squash candy).

Most of the restaurants in Dodong-ri are clustered in the same small area. It is a couple of minutes passed the information center then on the straight road towards Jeodong-ri. Here are two that serve the specialty dishes at decent prices.


The island is strewn with different types of housing for tourists. You'll have motels, minbaks or pension houses that rent out equipped rooms, tourist hotels, etc. Dodong Port is where everything meets; this is the end and starting point for the transport vehicles.

If you're looking for something cheaper, you could try camping for free at Naessujeon and Sadong-ri. There are toilets and showers at both places. To get to the camping area at Sadong-ri, ask for a taxi ride to Dong-A Resort in Sadong and walk down to the water from there.You can easily taxi, hitch or walk back to Dodong from the camping area in Sadong. It's about a 45 minute walk.


For more information on all of these sites, you can contact the Ulleung Tourist Office at +82 54-790-6465. Operators should be able to communicate in English as well. If not, there's always the trusty +82-54-1330 that have operators speaking English, Japanese and Chinese.

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