Ujjain is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.


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Ujjain is well connected with rest of India by road and rail, but there is no airport in the city.The closest airport is in Indore and the distance between Indore and Ujjain is 52 Km.

By train

Ujjain has direct trains for all the major cities of India, though some are very inconvenient and it's better to break journey from Bhopal. From Bombay "Awanitka express"(daily) and "Pune-Indore" express (thrice in week), from New Delhi "Hazarat Nizamuddin Intercity Express" and from Bangalore "Jaipur Mysore Express" are a few good leads.

By car

Ujjain is connected to nearby towns with very good roads compared to the rest of Madhya Pradesh. It is 52 km from Indore along the NH 3 toll road, and it takes less than an hour to cover the distance. Indore is in turn connected by Agra-Mumbai National Highway to rest of the India.

The drive is scenic and punctuated by small villages on either side of the road. Stop by on the way to enjoy fresh guavas and corn. Its a must. Most part of the road is decent and drivable with broken road in patches on the entire stretch. Upon reaching Ujjain, the road is being laid and is a nightmare to drive. Road widening work is in progress (4-lane highway ) through to Ujjain which when complete, will make the drive smooth and will reduce travel time to 30 minutes.

Get around

Nagda,a small town is also about 50 km far from Ujjain. Nagda has the largest factory of Birla all over India.


Harsiddhi Temple


Variants of locally produced consumer goods --- for instance namkeen (snacks), toast, henna among others --- have grown to become closely linked with the cultural and geographic identity of Ujjain. These can be found in shops all over the city, across the price and quality spectrum (in some cases, common prices are agreed upon by trade associations). A few notable outlets, which have gained popularity beyond the borders of Ujjain, would be:


When you are in Ujjain never forget to visit Gopal Mandir and have a bite of famous Gajanan Kulfi. Apart from that one of the most happening places in Ujjain to eat and enjoy is Tower Chowk. Go there try your hands on all the street chats you have ever heard. The very first thing that will attract you will be stalls of Pani Puri. Following which you will see Hot Dogs stalls serving hot , spicy, juicy hot dogs and Aaloo Tikia with Chhole over it garnished by onions tomatoes corriander, Green chatani, Imli chatani and if desired Fresh Curd. They call it Chhole Tikiya Chat.

Then you will have Bhelpuri stalls,Dahi Puri and all related chatpate chats varieties including Dahi Vada.

For sweet lovers have falooda ice cream there or A Barf Ka laddoo. Rabadi is a must when you visit Ujjain. Kids will love this place with so much eateries and Jhoolaas and balloon sellers everywhere. and of course Buddhi Ke Baal (cotton candy)

Shree Sweets and Restaurant at "Tower Chowk" also a nice place. You can enjoy best kachories there.




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