Overijssel is one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. The river IJssel, from which the province takes its name, actually flows through both Overijssel and Gelderland, forming a boundary between them in its northern part. Much of the eastern part of the province consists of the region of Twente, which is actually quite far removed from the river.


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Overijssel can be split into a couple of distinctive regions. Twente in the south-east is the largest region with Enschede as its largest city. Salland is in the west, over the actual river IJssel, and has Zwolle and Deventer as largest cities. There's the Vechtdal in the north. The municipality of Steenwijkerland forms the northwestern extremity of the province, and is sometimes referred to as a separate region, the Kop van Overijssel.

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By car

The A1 highway runs directly from Amsterdam to Deventer, Almelo and Hengelo. Zwolle can be reached by taking the A1 and then the A28. Enschede can be reached by taking the A1 and then the A 35. Most destinations are within a 2 hour drive from Amsterdam.

By train

From Schiphol Airport as well as from Amsterdam's Central Station, there are direct intercity services to Deventer, Almelo, Hengelo, Enschede and Zwolle. The farthest of these destinations take about two hours to reach. From the German cities of Münster and Dortmund there are also direct train connections to Enschede with regional trains.

Get around

Most cities in Twente can be reached by bus or a local train service. Or, do as the Dutch do and plan a cycling tour. Bicycles can be rented at most large train stations and are a great way to get around both on the countryside and in the city.



Overijssel is a great place for the following activities:


Traditional Dutch cuisine is hearty, rich and simple. Enjoy traditional dishes like stamppots (mashups from potatoes and different varieties of vegetables, served with sausage or meatballs) and pannekoeken (a large and thinner version of pancake, great with its own special syrup). There are restaurants that specialise in pannenkoeken exclusively, they're called pannenkoekenhuizen. A great place to visit with children or to visit as a halfway point on walking or cycling trips.


Overijssel has local breweries and wine is also produced in small quantities. Try local beers and wines, you can find them at many cafés.

The Dutch legal age for drinking is 18.

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The eastern border of Overijssel is also the border with Germany. The following Dutch provinces border Overijssel: Flevoland on the west, Gelderland towards the southwest, and Drenthe and Friesland on the north.

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