Tvrdošín is a city in Central Slovakia.


Tvrdošín is the district town on the North of Slovakia. It is located at the confluence of the rivers Orava and Oravica.The borough of Tvrdošín includes the communities Krasna Hôrka, Medzvedzie and Oravice, lying 22km from the town. The population of the town is about 9 337.


The name Tvrdosin is of ancient Slavic origin and dates back to the prehistoric era. The word itself stands for a fortified settlement, a fortress or a stronghold. The territory of Tvrdošín was colonized since prehistory. As a proof of that are the mass findings of objects which had been discovered in the last century in Medvedzie, Krasna Hôrka and Nizna. Thanks to a favorable location, the town had a role of an important water-way, road and later also rail-way transportation junction. The Zobor Charter, dating back to the year 1111, records Tvrdošín under the names Toarsin and Doardi. The Charter of the King Belo IV dated 11 August 1265, unmistakebly identifies the town as Toardosina. The year of 1361 was an important turning point in the history of Tvrdosin. In this year, the town was given privileges by the King Ludovit pertaining to royal towns. Tvrdosin got the privilege of voting a reeve and pastor, organizing a market. Also, the town was exempted from paying duty. In spite of a busy trade in the second half of the 16th century the custom-station started to decline. It was caused by the instability of the overall political situation. The second half of the 17th century was the hardest period in the history of Tvrdošín and its neighboring villages. Frequent transportation of foreign armies due to the anti-Habsburg uprisings had caused a lot of problems for the town. The town was completely destroyed by fire. In the 18th century, the inhabitants of Tvrdošín obtained their livelihood from agriculture and cattle breeding and in this century, the town was considered to be a town of linen-makers. In 1777 Tvrdošín became the centre of a district. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were efforts to establish industrial enterprises. In 1909, a plant for making buttons was built there. At the end of 1922 the district of Tvrdošín had been abolished, consequently, bad development the town. But in 1965, the town acquired the character of town. In 1967, Medvedzie became part of Tvrdosin and in 1974, Krasna Hôrska merged with Tvrdošin.



In Tvrdošin and its surrounding, there are many things to do. The town offers for its visitors many sport activities. You can find here tennis, table-tennis and athletic hall, artificial ice-hockey ground, football playground, playfield, and sports fields. Also, surrounding of Tvrdosin has very good conditions for swimming, tourism and skiing. One of the places is Oravice which is a part of Tvrdošin. Oravice attracts the visitor for beautiful scenery, Ski Park and geothermal water that has positive effect on mental health and stress. In Oravice, there are open air pools and Meander Park with thermal water. The meander Park is water world which offers to visitors two pools, whirlpool bath with the water attraction. For example, water attraction includes bubbly seats and benches, a water mushroom, a geyser, massaging beds and many others. The complex also includes a new skiing resort called Meander Ski Park. It has 3 skiing slopes, technical snow facilities, a children ´s ski-tow, a 4-seater cable way. In addition, the good place for relaxation is Orava Dam Lake. It attracts many tourists every year. The tourists can chose here from many water sports, such as water cycling, windsurfing, and diving under water, yachting, water skiing, view boat trip, fishing, and many others.


In Tvrdosin, there are several good restaurants, such as Synagoga, Natali, Koruna, and U Optula. There you can find different delicious food for reasonable prices, pleasant services and nice environment.


ABBA coke bar – it is the clean, pleasant bar with the fire-place and good music.

Synagoga – it is a disco bar in the centre of the town

Duo Bar – it is a disco bar near to Synagoga. Except from good music, you can play billiard.

Zona – it is a bar with good people for good people

Senator – it is a pub that has a terrace.


In Tvrdošín, there is one large hotel, Limba and several smaller hotels.

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