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Tuzla is the third largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in one of the most important industrial Bosnian regions. The city was hardly directly targeted by the war, except for an incident near the end of the war, when 72 people were killed by a shell fired into the Old Town during the evening. Nowadays, the city’s economy is still predominantly based around industry, although there has been significant development in tourism during the last 10 years.

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Travelling to Tuzla is easy from the south, less so from the Republika Srpska or Serbia. Do not trust the bus timetable on the black board in the main bus station, as these times were universally inaccurate!

By bus

From Sarajevo

There are many buses (first at 09:30AM in weekdays, 10:00AM in Saturdays and Sundays, last at 06:50PM - approx. 1-2 per hour) from Sarajevo to Tuzla. Also there are buses (first at 04:00AM, last at 06:00PM - approx. 1-2 per hour) from Tuzla to Sarajevo. One-way ticket costs 13-20 BAM (depends on bus company) and journey takes 3 hours.

From Mostar

There are three buses (4:45AM, 6:30AM, 04:00PM) from Mostar to Tuzla. Also there are buses (08:00AM, 09:30AM) from Tuzla to Mostar. One-way ticket costs approx. 36 BAM and journey takes 5,5 hours.

From Osijek

Currently there are two buses (06:30AM and 01:30PM) from Osijek to Tuzla. Also there are buses (06:00AM and 01:00PM) from Tuzla to Osijek. Journey takes 3,5 hours. Schedule is available here.

From Split

There is currently one bus (07:00AM) from Split to Tuzla. Also there are buses (05:30AM and 08:00AM) from Tuzla to Split. Schedule is available here. Journey takes 9 hours.

Other destinations

To travel from Banja Luka, change at Doboj. There are two daily services to Bjeljina, where there are connections to other destinations in RS such as Višegrad, as well as Serbia and Montenegro. There are direct buses from Belgrade. A journey takes four hours, running three times a day. From or to Sarajevo, Croatia, Slovenia or Germany you can use the Salinea-bus company - unfortunately not all buses are listed on that website.

By train

By plane


Bosnia has beautiful countryside. The best place to travel is to Osman's old house. It is wonderful.

Graves of 72 young people killed in Tuzla Massacre, 1995.

The first place to visit is the square at the center of the old town. This is the site of the Tuzla Massacre, where 72 young people were killed in 1995. Ask a local to translate the poem carved into the monument. Then walk over to the park where the 72 young people are buried. The old town is very nice and the park is very beautiful.

You should also visit the Pannonica Lakes, whose water is directly supplied from the local wells of salt water. Tuzla's salt has been exploited for centuries and you should visit the Salt square dedicated to this aspect of Tuzla's history.

If you are interested in art, visit some of Tuzla's beautiful art galleries. If you are interested in history, you should see the model of ancient village set near the Pannonica.



Locally produced wicker craft like baskets or furniture.


All the usual Bosnian dishes are available throughout the town, but international cuisine does not have a high presence. There are also many traditional Bosnian fast food restaurants where you can eat cevapi prepared differently than in Sarajevo.

A good place for eating is Biblioteka 45, K. Krekovica 7,  +387-(035) 266362. 10 euros.


The Old Town has numerous cafes and bars.


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Buses run very regularly to Lukavac, about 20 minutes away. From here, a ten minute taxi takes you to Lake Modrac, a large lake with a few restaurants. Due to industrial pollution, however, it is not safe to swim in the lake.

A more promising destination is Lake Bistarac. Take a local bus for Lukavac, and get off just before the town. Up a hill lies a clean freshwater lake. There is a minimal entry charge, with a small extra charge for use of the slide into the lake. Stalls and a restaurant serve food.

Kladanj, about 90 minutes away by bus towards Sarajevo, is a small, attractive town with many little restaurants, and small ski-resort nearby.

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