Tuzi is a small town located about 10km outside of Podgorica populated by Ethnic Albanians and Bosniaks. It has nothing particular of interest except for the fact that if you are traveling from Montenegro to Albania from Podgorica or vice-versa you'll have to take a bus to this town and make a fairly difficult transfer to some other form of transport.

Get in

To get to Tuzi you will need to take a bus from Podgorica. To find the buses in Podgorica you will have to ask around, they are about 400 m from Ulica Sloboda. Ask any young person and they should be able to help you. The taxi guys will want to charge you €10 to take you there. You can get there on a combi bus for about €2.

Get around

Buses number 41/42 go there from a bus stop in front of main bus station. Ticket is 1 euro.



Skadar Lake (Lqeni i shkoders) is just 7 km away. There are picnic places, fishing, and bird shooting places.

In Tuzi is also one of the biggest markets which is open air and have different products from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, China, etc. It is open until 2PM.


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