WARNING: While the war between Georgia and Russia is over as is the fighting in Tskhinvali, now is not a good time to travel to the region. It has been heavily damaged by fighting, and armed troops still patrol the city. The situation is in a dangerous state of flux and simply put, this is not the time to consider any travel of any sort to Tskhinvali.
(Information last updated Sep 2008)

Tskhinvali (Ossetic: Цхинвал, Georgian: ცხინვალი) is the capital city of the separatist republic of South Ossetia, which sits in the Kartli region of Georgia.

Get in

Pretty much the only way to get to Tskhinvali at present is to travel south of Vladikavkaz the main city of North Ossetia in Russia. The cheapest option is to take a marshrutka, which run multiple times per day between the two cities. Taxis also run at reasonable cost.

Get around

Tskinvali's city center is compact, and easily covered on foot.


Stay safe

Tskhinvali has long been the safest destination in South Ossetia to visit. The calm has returned in the region (although that emphatically does not mean that it is a tourist paradise).

Stay healthy

While the bloody conflicts have ended, the situation in the city is far from ideal. The health system is dilapidated in Tskhinvali: Basic medical supplies, plumbing, to name a few are very short in supply owing to a failing infrastructure that has been damaged during years of warfare. Be sure to bring the necessary medical equipment with you, and only drink bottled water.

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