Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo is in Kenya close to the city of Mombasa.



Tsavo National Park was established on 1st April, 1948 with an area of 21,812 Km2 It is the largest Park in Kenya. In May 1948 Tsavo National Park was divided into East and West for administrative purposes. The two Parks are divided by Nairobi–Mombasa railway /road.

The Waliangulu and Kamba tribes used it as a hunting ground prior to gazettement. Dr. Krapf journeyed on foot through this area in 1848 crossing the Tsavo river on his way to Kitui – first European to see Mt. Kenya. Construction of the railway reached Tsavo river in 1898. During the construction of the bridge two lions terrorized the workers, killing over 130 people before being killed by Col. Patterson. Patterson recounted the story in his book The Maneaters of Tsavo which became the major motion picture The Ghost and the Darkness (1997). During the World War I (1914-1918) British forces built fortresses along Tsavo river to counter threats from invading German forces from Tanganyika (present Tanzania) – whose intention was to blow up the Tsavo river bridge that was vital to British Communication. Captain Lugards a European explorer passed through the area on his way to Uganda and had a drop over at the Lugards falls area.

Get in

Smartcard is needed to enter. Smarcards can be obtained and loaded at Voi gate.

How does the system work? P.O.I. (Point of Issue): The visitor will be issued with the SmartCard at the POI and their details put on the card. Proof of identity is required for a citizen and resident cards. POIs are located at Nairobi Park Main Gate, Lake Nakuru Park Main Gate, Tsavo East Main Gate (Voi), and Mombasa KWS Offices.

P. O. S. (Point of Sale): A sales office where visitors pay money to be loaded on the card. POS's are located in Nairobi Park Main Gate, Lake Nakuru Park Main Gate, Tsavo East Park Main Gate (Voi), Aberdare Hqs., Mombasa KWS Offices, Malindi Marine Park, Amboseli Park Meshanani Gate, Tsavo West Mtito Andei Gate.

P.O.A. (Point of Access): This is a Park entry point (gates). A visitor will produce the card and the appropriate amount deducted depending on the visitor category.


Source : K.W.S. park tariffs Adult resident - 1200 Kshs Children resident - 600 Kshs Adult non resident - 75 US Children non resident - 40 US


Less than 6 seat - 200 Kshs 6 to 12 seats - 600 Kshs

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It is often best to hire a tour operator to take you to all the sites. It is also recommended that you book early because availability can be a problem at the last minute.

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Tsavo East is a very popular Park as is indicated by the high number of tourists. Some of the attractive scenic features include:


Guesthouse in Diani Beach for 8 People

Villa Baobab - Holidayhome Kenya Diani Beach


One of the most scenic lodges in Tsavo is the Voi Lodge.

Perched on the top of a cliff-faced hill, Voi Safari Lodge is uniquely designed to be a hinge like structure overlooking Kenya's Tsavo East plains extending as far as the undulating terrain of the Yatta Plateaus. This vantage positioning of the lodge has made it a stop over for many safari adventures, nature lovers and holiday makers who are assured of sampling Kenya's wildlife attractions that continuously beat a track to the three water holes sunk by the lodge below the cliff.

During the dry season the waterholes are the convergence of a lot of wild animals moving almost in a trance as if urged on by some kind of telepathic communication, the sight is just fantastic. The location evokes a romantic inspiration that once moved a visiting British poet who now incorporated his experience at the lodge in most of his poems, to describe it as sample of wonder that is better than a dream.

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