Truskavets is in Western Ukraine. It is the original and most attractive balneological resort of Ukraine. The resort is located in a picturesque valley at the foothills of the Eastern Carpathians at the height of 350 м above sea level at a distance of 100 kms from Lviv.

The city of Truskavets is a cozy and pure ecological zone with a moderate – continental climate. By generous variety of terrestrial and subterranean underground riches, the resort is one of the most ancient health resorts of Europe.

Today the resort is capable of being a sample of a model of resort and recreation areas, places of working off and distribution of the newest technologies in resort area, introduction of effective methods of treatment, rehabilitation and making the population healthier, to ensure rational use of resources of recreation areas and proper level of nature protection.

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The Lviv airport and railway link it with the largest cities of Ukraine and countries of Europe.

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