Trowulan is an archaeological site located in Trowulan Subdistric, Mojokerto Regency in East Java. The city is the only Hindu-Buddhist classical age site in Indonesia that has been discovered. The site covers an area of 11 km x 9 km.

Map of the ruins


Trowulan site has been suggested as the site of the eponymous capital city of the Majapahit Empire, which is described by Mpu Prapanca in the 14th-century poem Nagarakretagama and in a 15th-century Chinese source. It was razed due to the invasion of Girindrawardhana to defeat Kertabhumi in 1478. After this event Majapahit's capital moved to Daha (Kediri).

Most of archaeological relics discovered in Trowulan and its vicinity is stored and displayed in Trowulan Museum, located on west side of Segaran pool. Excavations in and around Trowulan have shown that parts of the old settlement still lie buried under several metres of mud and volcanic debris, a result of the frequent eruptions of nearby Mount Kelud, as well as frequent flooding of the Brantas River. Several archaeological ruins lie scattered around Trowulan village. Several are quite damaged, while others have undergone reconstruction. Most are constructed of red brick.

The ancient city ruins at Trowulan had been discovered by the 19th century. Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1811 until 1816 and an indefatigable enthusiast for the island's history, reported the existence of ' ruins of temples.... scattered about the country for many miles '. Much of the region was blanketed with dense teak forest at that time, making detailed survey impossible. Nonetheless, Raffles was so impressed by what he saw that he was later to refer to Trowulan as ' this pride of Java '

Get in

Bus from Surabaya.

From Surabaya Terminal Bungurasih take a bus headed for Jombang and ask to get off at "Trowulan perempatan, lampu merah" (Trowulan four ways, traffic lights). Your first destination, Trowulan Museum is a 1 km walk (or becak / ojek ride) on the left road. The bus ticket costs Rp. 7000 and takes approximately 1 hour.

Car / Motorbike

Trowulan is 60 km down the Surabaya-Solo road. The road starts near Bungurasih bus terminal. Follow the signs to Krian and keep going. At Trowulan four ways, traffic lights your first destination, Trowulan Museum is 1 km on the left road.


Bajang Ratu Gate
Candi Tikus
Segaran Pool
Brahu Temple

other site that can be visited includes:


In the archaeological site of Truwolan lies a museum which holds numerous statues and artifacts which were discovered in the site with an entrance fee of RP. 2,500, it is advisable not to miss this museum during your visit to Trowulan. The site is basically a large park with few monuments scattered around which is good to be explored and appreciated if you are into Javanese culture.


Sandals are popular. Expect to pay Rp. 10,000 See "eat"


There are numerous warung along the route. Popular dishes include Bakso and Es Degan. By the Troloyo Grave and Pendopo Agung there are numerous Pentol sellers.


If you're thinking of anything alcoholic you may need to make a 50 km journey to Alfamart or Indomaret. For something a little more innocent try es degan (sweetened young coconut juice) or cheap (Rp. 1000!) ice cream.


It is very advisable for tourist to stay in Surabaya provided the hotels is more accustomed with English language, there are also numerous hotels in Mojokerto.


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