Trollhättan is an industrial city in Sweden. It lies in Västergötland province in the modern (larger) Götaland region, and has 53,000 inhabitants.


In Trollhättan the Trollhätte canal starts, connecting the Kattegat (west coast) with lake Vänern. Just outside the center of town, there are several sets of locks. A first set of small locks from 1800, which are now derelict. A second set of locks from around 1844. A third set of locks from 1916, which are still in use today. About 10 freight ships per day pass the locks today, and throughout the summer months about 4000 pleasure boats pass by.

Not far from the locks, is the Olide hydropower station. The waterfall of the mighty Göta river was tamed with the construction of a huge powerplant between 1905 and 1914. The power station is built with huge granite blocks and looks like an enormous castle. On some days in the summer months the waterfall is (partly) released again.

Trollhättan has been important to Swedish industry, with the SAAB Automobile factory. Nearby, the SAAB museum is located.

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By plane

Fyrstads Flygplats doesn't connect to many places other than Stockholm.

By train

The train station (Resecentrum) lies just ten minutes walk from the center of the town. You can choose either to go north - Oslo or Karlstad or south towards Gothenburg or Copenhagen.

By car

80 km 1h north of Gothenburg via the road RV45.

Get around


Bus connection is very good within the city, and also covers most of the countryside and almost all surrounding cities as well as major distant cities. The standard fare is 20 kr which is valid within Zone 1 which covers the city, neighbouring cities and the countryside.


Taxis are on the expensive side. Taximeter is virtually always used but make sure that the driver really does turn it on unless a price has been negotiated in advance. Often the price can be better this way.





Trollhättan is also famous for its many pizzerias which have Sweden's best (?) kebab-pizza. What makes the pizza special is the sauce which is different from kebab sauce in other parts of Sweden.



There are a lot of cafés in Trollhättan. A few of them are:




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