Trincomalee is a city in northeastern Sri Lanka. Trincomalee has a very nice beaches even during the summer. The city saw a lot of fighting during the war but has recently been moving beyond that and is quickly growing into a premier tourist location because of its wonderful beaches in Nilaveli and Uppiveli.

Get in

The bus station is located across the street from the clock tower and the market. The train station is about one kilometer north of town.

Get around

Trincomalee is a very compact town so walking is a suitable way to see the town. For longer trips rickshaws are available at nearly every corner.




A snorkelling trip to Pigeon Island is a must. There are local boats that will take you to this island for a fee of about US$30 (return). Snorkelling is a great way to see the abundant sea life. Sadly the coral is not respected by the locals. Snorkelling should be done with great caution as some areas are very deep, up to a thousand metres in depth.

There is also dolphin and whale watching available from most of the guest houses on Uppaveli beach.


Most guesthouses will make meals for you if you talk to them.

Aside from that there is an overpriced North Indian food restaurant at Green Park Beach Hotel to the south of the city center on the beach.


There are tons of guesthouses along the beach at Uppaveli and Nilaveli. Shop around as the prices vary greatly.

There are also an increasingly large number of guesthouses to the South of Fort Fredrick on the beach. Once again shop around as prices vary greatly.

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