Trenčín is an old town in Western Slovakia. It is a beautiful old historic city, with a population of over 50,000.


Trenčín is the main city of the western part of Slovakia called “Považie”. It lies on the longest Slovak river called the “Váh”. Because of its importance and beauty, Trencin is called “the pearl of Povazie”. Trenčín is a peaceful city with a beautiful historical centre and several suburbs. The Trenčín hockey team belongs to the best of Slovak hockey clubs, and its soccer team is in the top league as well. Generally, Trenčín is one of the wealthiest cities in Slovakia with low unemployment and quite a high standard of living. Because of its position between the mountain chains, it is likely to have windy weather. Winters are quite long, and summers are not the warmest when compared to the Slovak average temperatures. Because of new investors and a wide number of new construction projects these days, Trenčín is redeveloping itself into a new regional tourist centre in Slovakia.

Get in

By car

Trenčín is situated in the north-west of Slovakia, 120 kilometres north of Bratislava, close to the border with the Czech Republic. The main highway from Bratislava to Kosice, which is in some parts still in progress, has a direct exit to the centre of Trenčín. When taking the D1 highway from Bratislava it shouldn't be more than a one hour trip. Traveling by car to Kosice from Trenčín takes about four hours, while Banska Bystrica, which is in the middle of Slovakia, is two hours drive away.

By train

You can take one of the frequent trains from Bratislava to Trenčín, as it is on the national main line. It takes about one hour and forty minutes to reach Trencin from Bratislava. The trip further east to Kosice takes from 3.5 to 4.5 hours depending on which kind of train you take.

By bus

Because of the location of Trenčín in relation to other surrounding destinations, it has many buses going through it. The trip to Bratislava from Trenčín takes about two hours (the train is a better option), to Banska Bystrica takes about three hours (a bus is the fastest way) and if you want to travel to Kosice, take the train.

The main station for local buses is across the road from the train station. Tickets can be bought on the bus.

Get around

City centre is very small and you can easily walk from one side to another in a few minutes and most of it is pedestrian area.

By bus

Trenčín has a rather good public transportation system although not so frequent to a smaller boroughs. Bus drivers sell tickets, but you can only use cash. Ticket is valid only for one journey without change and costs 0,60 € and for baggage larger than 30x40x60 cm 0,25 €. To board you need to use first door.

For schedules and map of routes see (also in English).




Bike Trips

The Hradza is a levee along the Vah river. The path is used by walkers, bikers, and rollerbladers.

The Brezina is forest which runs around the south-east of Trenčín just two minutes by walk from the city centre. It contains number of very nice, quiet and safe trails also good for biking.


On the part of the town called “Ostrov”, which is situated on the Vah river, are many choices of sport and leisure activities. Here is also The Sports Indoor Centre, providing many sports including squash. tel. 032/744 44 47





There is possibility to go canoeing on the Vah river during the Summer season. You can also lend canoe at the "Ostrov".

Cultural activities


Art Museums



Fashion is a synonym to city Trenčín in the past it was called “Trenčín town of fashion”; this wonderful town has many nice small shops and big shopping malls. Small classical shops are surrounded in the town centre. A lot of nice shops create a nice look to the square. Both shopping and sightseeing could be done in the town centre.

Shopping centers, Malls


In Trenčín there are many good places where you can eat, there are some really good fast foods in the town centre, and you can have their national specialties in a roll, such as “Cigánska pečienka”, which pork roast on the split in the roll.





Although Trenčín is a small city, there are many places where you can drink. The season begins on Friday and Saturday when many people drive out to centre to undergo some entertainment.

Bars and Pubs

Tea Rooms

One big Tea room is located on the Mierové Square opposite to the Church, which is also a shop with tea stuff. There is one very good tea – Tea of Old Touaregs, green tea made from gunpowder.

Čajovňa Jaipur is an oriental themed tea-house on the other side of the clock tower near the tourist info center on Hviezdoslavova 8. It has a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, delicious tea, non-alcoholic cocktails and sheesha pipes. They often have live music, and there is a terrace for pleasant evenings.


Trenčín is a small town, but there are a lot of places with accommodation, 4 hotels and several lodging houses


Lodging Houses




Stay safe

Trencin is quite a silent town it is very safe by European and American standards; there is not so much crime like in other parts of world, police is highly respected in town and could be met very often in downtown. But only one recommendation, stay safe of pickpockets or thieves. Take care of your wallet if you are in the bus, train and in crowded place.


Slovaks are very popular for they hospitality for foreign people. They are also well known in world for they adaptability and kindness, but if you have any problem try to ask them nowadays many Slovaks speak English or other foreign language and they will be glad to help you if not try to call 112(police, first aid, and firefighter).

Go next

There are many interesting places around Trenčín where you can go:

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