Třeboň is a picturesque little town in South Bohemia. It is home to the Regent brewery and lends it's name to the Třeboňsko protected wildlife area. It is well prepared for tourists with information available in various languages including English.


Třeboň grew with the development of fish farming in the region. The nearby area is filled with very old man-made fish ponds that are still used today. The nearest is the Svet Fishpond which dates from the 1570s.

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Buses from České Budějovice leave from the main bus station, take ~50min and cost ~25 Kc (Aug 2010).


The old town is home to a large castle/chateau complex and a very pleasant old town square. The Schwarzenberg Tomb just South-East of the town is very impressive. There is also the Regent Brewery. If there is a part of the Czech Republic which is really worth seeing, it definitely is Třeboň and its surroundings. It is interesting for its architecture, valuable for its history and tempting for its nature beauties.


There is a well marked trail with information boards the forms a loop around the Svet Fishpond. It starts outside the Hotel Bohemia Regent to the South-West of the town centre and is known as the "Around The World" trail. The terain is easy and can be done on foot or on bike. The total distance is 12.5km. It comes back into Trebon past the Schwarzenberg tomb and over the Svet dam itself. Another trail is designed for cyclists and is called "Around Trebon". It is 39km and also has information boards along it. There are also several other tourist trails, the information board at the start of "Around The World" shows where these are although the tourist information will probably be able to point you in the right direction as well.


The old town square is surrounded by interesting small shops


Local restaurants are mostly to be found around the old town square. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the history of the region, fish dishes are numerous and tasty!

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