Trawas is a small mountainous district in East Java, about 1.5 hours by car from Surabaya, the capital city. Surabayanese people often visit this place on weekends to get a "retreat" from a bustling and competitive life.


Trawas is located on the slope of Mount Welirang, 1150 m above sea level. It is located near two other mountain resorts, Tretes and Pacet.

Get in

The best way to get to Trawas is by car.

BE CAREFUL: The road is very steep - probably at an angle of more than 45 degrees. Check the condition of your car's machine before driving to Trawas.

Get around

There is little, if any, public transport in Trawas. Visitors usually get around by car.




Soto Gondrong, on the way to Prigen and Tretes. It is a turmeric-coloured chicken soup with coconut milk and herbs.



The telephone area code for Trawas is 0321. (+62-321 for international calls)

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