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Trat Province is a popular travel region in Eastern Thailand, mostly for Ko Chang and the surrounding islands.


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A small province at the easternmost frontier bordering on Cambodia with the Khao Banthat mountain range forming a natural demarcation, Trat is a resort town with over fifty large and small off-shore islands, long white sandy beaches and relatively unspoiled coral ranges. It is also a major fruit-growing and fishing area.

About 315 km from Bangkok and covering an area of 2,819 square km, the province is administratively divided into the districts of Mueang Trat, Khao Saming, Laem Ngop, Khlong Yai, and Bo Rai, and the sub-districts of Ko Chang and Ko Kut.


It is thought that the name "Trat" is a corruption of “krat” which is the name of tree plentiful in Trat Province that is used in broom production. In the Ayutthaya period during the reign of King Naresuan, the town was called "Ban Bang Phra".

While King Rama V was on the throne, the Thai government entered into a treaty with France granting what is now Trat Province to France in exchange for France withdrawing its forces from Chanthaburi Province. Later, on 23 Mar 1906, the king had to grant areas, namely Pratabong, Siem Reap, and Sri Sophon to France in exchange for Trat and the islands and towns on the right bank of Mekong River. Trat residents thus regard 23 Mar as "Trat Independence Day". They also built a King Rama V monument at the city hall to commemorate the king's attempt to keep Trat with Thailand.

On 17 Jan 1941, during the war, a French squadron violated Thailand’s territorial waters. A Thai flotilla came to defend its sovereignty. Thus, the skirmish which was later to be known as the "Ko Chang Naval Battle" began. The Thai forces beat back the French incursion. The Thai side, however, lost three warships, namely the Songkhla, Chonburi, and Thonburi as well as some naval officers and ratings. Therefore, on this date every year, the Thai Navy holds a merit-making day dedicated to those who gave their lives in their effort to protect the country.

Get in

By car

From Bangkok, take one of these three routes:

  1. Bang Na - Trat (Hwy 3) passing Chonburi – Rayong –Chanthaburi – Trat, a total distance of approximately 385 km.
  2. Bang Na – Chon Buri – Klaeng – Chanthaburi – Trat (Hwy 344), a distance of approximately 318 km.
  3. Motorway: Start at km0 at the Sri Nagarind – Ramkhamhaeng intersection and drive the route Ban Bueng – Klaeng – Chanthaburi – Trat.

By plane

Bangkok Airways has three daily flights from Bangkok (BKK) to Trat (TDX) at 08:40, 10:30, and 17:05. Flight time is 1 hr. For details, contact Tel. +66 2 2655555, +66 2 2655678, or the Trat office at Tel.+66 39 525767-8. (A transfer service is available from the airport to the ferry pier where tourists can take a ferry to Ko Chang.)

By bus

Both non air-conditioned buses and air-conditioned buses are available at the Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) on Sukhumvit Rd.

Air-conditioned buses: A first-class air-conditioned bus takes 5 hours to get to Trat. Tourists can also contact other private transportation companies for further information such as Cherdchai Tour at Tel. +66 2 3912237 or +66 2 3914164, or its Trat office at Tel. +66 39 511062; Chokanukun Tour at Tel. +66 2 3927680, or its Trat office at Tel. +66 39 511587; and Suppharat Tour, which provides VIP buses, at Tel. +66 2 3912331 or its Trat office at Tel. +66 39 511481.

Non air-conditioned buses: For more information, contact the Public Relations Section, Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) at Tel. +66 2 3912504, or +66 2 3914164.

In addition, it is possible to take a first-class air-conditioned bus leaving Bangkok Bus Terminal (Mo Chit 2) to Trat everyday along the motorway. For more information, call Tel. +66 2 5378055, +66 2 9362852-6.

Buses of other private transportation companies such as Suppharat Tour at Tel. +66 2 9363388 or its Trat office at Tel. +66 39 511481; Cherdchai Tour at Tel. +66 2 9360199 or its Trat office at Tel. +66 39 511062 also go to Trat.

Getting to nearby provinces

Trat – Chanthaburi, from the market in Trat, there are regular buses to Chanthaburi leaving Trat daily every half an hour from 08:00–15:30. The journey takes 1½ hours and the fare is approximately 40 baht.

Taxis are available between Chanthaburi – Trat, leaving Wongwian Nam Phu (Fountain Circle) in Chanthaburi and next to the Mueang Trat Hotel in Trat from 06:00–17:00 daily. The journey takes nearly 1½ hours and the fare is 60 baht each (5–6 persons/taxi).

Bo Rai –Chanthaburi, leaving every half an hour from 06:00–17:00. The journey takes 1½ hours and the fare is 50 baht.

Bo Rai–Mae Sot, Tak Province, leaving twice daily at 07:30 and 08:30. The journey takes 15 hours and the fare is 200 baht.

Local Transport

Trat-Khlong Yai (songthaew), a distance of 75 km, leaving from behind the Municipal Market from 06:00–18:00. The fare is 80 baht (a connection from Khlong Yai to Ban Hat Lek is available at 20 baht).

Trat–Ban Hat Lek (minibus), a distance of 90 km, leaving the Si Trat Rama Theatre from 06:00–18:00. The fare is 110 baht.

Trat–Laem Ngop (songthaew), a distance of 30 km., leaving the Trat Municipal Market from 06.00 a.m. onward. The fare is 20 baht.

Trat–Laem Sok (songthaew), a distance of 28 km, leaving the Trat Municipal Market from 08:00–13:00. The fare is 35 baht.

Trat–Khao Saming – Bo Rai, a distance of 53 km, leaving the Trat Municipal Market from 08:00–12:00. The fare is 50 baht.

Trat–Khao Saming – Saen Tung – Tha Chot, a distance of 28 km, leaving from 06:00–17:30. The fare is 25 baht.

Generally, transportation to various districts starts from the provincial town. Songthaews leave the Municipal Market and Bank of Ayutthaya daily. After 19:00 travellers will have to charter one at a negotiated price.


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