Trøndelag, alternative spelling Tröndelag, is a region of Norway, sometimes referred to as Middle Norway. Administratively, it is divided into the counties of Nord-Trøndelag and Sør-Trøndelag, which have little relevance for the tourists though.


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Trondheim has been a centre of commerce since the Viking Age. Saint Olaf's Way has been an important pilgrimage route.

Get in

By plane

  Trondheim Airport Værnes (IATA: TRD) serves international and national flights. There are plenty of flights every day to Oslo, and several other main towns including Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Bodø and Tromsø, as well as the short-field airports of Mosjøen, Sandnessjøen, Brønnøysund, Namsos and Rørvik. International destinations include London Gatwick, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Riga. There are also flights to many destinations in the Mediterranean and on the Canary Islands, both charter and regular. There is train and bus connection from the airport.

Røros has a local airport with flights from Oslo. Rørvik and Namsos have local airports with flights from Trondheim.

By train

There are several daily departures from Trondheim to Oslo, and also departures from Trondheim going all the way north to Bodø. Trains from Oslo, operated by NSB, take around 7 hours to Trondheim and 5 hours to Røros.

By bus

Long distance buses from Oslo and Bergen to Trondheim, NOR-WAY.

By car

From Oslo there are two options. Follow E6 all the way, or use road 3. Road 3 is slightly shorter and faster, but E6 is more beautiful.

By boat

Hurtigruten sails all the way north to Kirkenes and south to Bergen, stopping at numerous destinations on its way, including Trondheim and Rørvik.

Get around

By train

Trondheim station is the hub for rail as the electrified Dovre line terminates there and the northbound lines operated by diesel trains continue. The coastal areas do not have rail connections. The rail runs through the central interior and along the eastern shores of the Trondheimsfjord, basically along the same route as road E6. There are branches to Røros from Støren, and to Meråker and Sweden (Åre and Östersund) from Hell.

By bus

For local buses in Nord-Trøndelag, search

And in Sør-Trøndelag including Trondheim, search

By boat

There are some local passenger boats. Use the same site as for local buses.

By car

There is an extensive road network, however often fairly curvy and slow. The Norwegian north-south highway E6 passes Trondheim and is partly constructed as motorway or semi-motorway.

To cross fjords, there are several bridges and tunnels, but some car ferries also exist. They have fees, but there is no need for booking. The key ferry connection across the Trondheimsfjord is Flakk-Rørvik, several departures per hour.

Some roads, especially new tunnels, and all entrances to Trondheim have road tolls.



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Oppdal slopes


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