Top Station

Top Station is in Kerala.

Top Station


Top Station is located on the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu. It is wonderful place on the edge of Kerala's prime tea growing region from which tea was transported down to Munnar and beyond.

Get in

By taxi, hiking or local bus from Munnar. One hour 32 km. Trip departing every ½ hour.

By local bus from Kodaikanal. 3 hour trip.

Get around

Walking a short steep trail is the only way to the best observation point.


Walk to Observation Point from Anita's tea stall at the bus stop. It is a short but steep walk to the spectacular viewing area at Top Station. The rewards all come at this summit, where the air is crisp and the views sheer and dramatic. The craggy laterite peaks of the Western Ghats, the rolling plains and immaculately laid-out tea plantations are all around. one can see Kambam Valley, Tamilnadu to the east, Kundala Valley.


Trekking in Chinnar forest.


Fresh locally grown spices including cardamom, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg.


Pack a lunch in Munnar or take your chances at a tea stall.


Local teas served attractively in several variations. You can find tea factories on your way and many of them has outlets where you can enjoy tea.

Locally made alcohols are also available illegally. But better to avoid them as they are not at all safe.


There are no hotels. All of the area is reserved forest. Therefore you will not find many shops as well. You would want to go back to Munnar before night as there is a chance that elephants might block your way back to hotel.

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