Northwestern wards of Tokyo

Nerima (練馬), Itabashi (板橋), and Kita (北) are a trio of suburban wards in north and northwestern Tokyo, bordering Saitama and outer Tokyo's Tama region. All three lie well beyond the central Yamanote line – nearby Ikebukuro is as close as it gets.

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Nerima is accessible on the Toei Oedo subway line from many points in the city, and on the Seibu Ikebukuro and Seibu Shinjuku (going to stations in the Southern part of Nerima-ku) Railway lines from Ikebukuro and Seibu Shinjuku stations respectively. The Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line branches in two at Kotake-Mukaihara station with some trains going on to Wako-shi in Saitama Prefecture then continuing along the Tobu Tojo line and others continuing to Nerima then running through to the Seibu Ikebukuro Line.

Itabashi is best covered by the Toei Mita line and a small portion of the Tobu Tojo line. Itabashi Station on the JR Saikyo line is at the far southeastern corner of the ward, barely in Itabashi at all.

JR East serves Kita. The Keihin Tohoku JR Line stops at Tabata, Kami Nakazato, Oiji, Higashi-Jujo, and Akabane stations, while the Saikyo JR Line stops at Itabashi, Jujo, Akabane, Kita Akabane, and Ukima Funado stations.



Carousel in Toshimaen


Jujo-Ginza, Kita Ward


A Japanese radish, called Nerima radish.(練馬大根)It is long and the length is about 1 meter. Its taste is spicy so when you eat it, you should eat it for spice. You can buy it at supermarket in Nerima city.



Few options. Consider the more plentiful choices near Ikebukuro, or in Bunkyo for closer access to Kita.

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