Mississippi Hills

The Mississippi Hills are a region in the northeast of Mississippi.


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The Mississippi Hills region is quite a large expanse of hills and small towns in the north of Mississippi. As it is a region, it has no capital. However, towns like Corinth and Tupelo could be considered capitals as they are known throughout the region.


Stay safe

As this is a hilled region of the state, you must exercise extreme caution when hiking, bicycling, or even just driving a car. The unpredictability of the hill layouts in woods and even some roads, and the steepness of them, makes it hard to do any of these activities as you normally would.

In some places of the Mississippi Hills region, there may be small floods during the wet months. Be extra careful on the roads during this time as a slide on them can result in severe injury.

Finally, be wary of animals who may want to "investigate" your hiking camp, car, or even you yourself. Never feed a wild animal. If you're observing them, do not interrupt their normal activities. Also, some animals may run across the road at random times; usually there is no fine for most animals, but many deer and turtles and armadillos can cause damage to a vehicle, especially newer models.

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