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Thong Sala (ท้องศาลา) is the main port and largest settlement on Ko Pha Ngan.

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Ferries run from Ko Samui daily. The journey takes about an hour.

At Thong Sala, taxis and pick up trucks take passengers around the island. The drivers hold signs stating their destinations. Prices are fixed at 100-150 baht/person to Haad Rin, 150 baht to the northwest corner of the island, and 200-250 baht to Thong Nai Pan. Don't take a taxi from the pier upon arrival, but walk to the roundabout: the taxi station there has better prices that are not newcomer inflated, but still as high as anywhere on the island.

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There are many places where you can rent scooters. Costs range from 100-150 baht/day. They will almost always require that you leave your passport with them for the duration of the hire. Most places are very strict about damage and will charge large fees if you bring back a scooter damaged.




Thong Sala has a food night market which consists of multiple food carts ranging from ready made curry stalls, made-to-order restaurant carts, noodle carts, chicken vendors, and desserts such as Thai confections and banana rotee (pancakes).

Also, along the road near Thong Sala, you will see many "BBQ" restaurants advertising "all you can eat" for about 99 baht. This is a great way to eat, and it is economical as well as delicious.

During the day, food carts can be found throughout Thong Sala. Great food cart items include som tam, the tasty spicy papaya salad, pad Thai, and grilled chicken.




Thong Sala is well serviced and has numerous facilities. There is a police station, hospital (with English speaking doctors and staff), laundries, pharmacies, a post office, five banks, ATMs, money exchanges, and Western Union.

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