Approaching Thasos by ferry boat from Keramoti

Thasos, sometimes spelled Thassos (Greek: Θάσος), is a Greek Island tourist destination in the North Aegean Islands group, close to Kavala.


Thasos town,Old Port
Scala Potamia & Golden Beach
Monastery Archangelos
Water Falls in Maries
Scala Sotiros

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The east and south sides of the island have many picturesque bays and popular sandy beaches, while the west side has more elongated, lonely, rocky beaches, but also beautiful sandy ones. For people who are looking for nude beaches, well worth a look at the website "" for more information. In the following only the best known beaches are listed. There are still many bays and beaches to discover.

* Thassos town: narrow sandy beach near the Old Port with beach bars, beach chairs, umbrellas, etc., mean water quality

* Makriamos: beautiful wide open bay with a sandy beach and a large hotel complex, often crowded

Marble Bay

* Saliara-, Marbel-, Vathi beach: 1 km before Makriamos turn right onto a dirt road and follow the path for 4km to Saliara Bay (a very romantic bay, sandy with crystal clear water and crowded in the high season, insufficient parking). It's a "must-see" location and probably the nicest beach of the island! After 600 m you reach the Marble Bay. Its a white sand bay which was used for the shipment of marble, crystal clear waters, starting in 2015 with a beach bar, in the high season overcrowded. After 2 km you will come to Vathi Bay. It is also a romantic bay. A luxury hotel is under construction at the crystal clear water front. The beach is not so crowded because of poor road conditions.

Golden Beach

* Golden Beach: (Scala Panagia, Potamia Scala). Earlier a romantic empty beach, he is now one of the most visited beaches of Thassos. Its a long, wide sandy beach hemmed with hotels, restaurants, camping sites. Crowded in high season. Good water quality.

Beach at Scala Sotiros

* Kinira: elongated rocky beach, only partially sand beach

* Paradise beach: turn about 2 km from the center of Kinira off at the signs. Open sandy beach with beach bar, also used by nudists (off-season)

* Agios Ioannis bay, about 3 km from Aliki, beautiful sandy beach with olive trees, not crowded up to now but a hotel is under construction.

* Aliki beach: one of the most picturesque places in Thassos, very busy in high season, a "must see"

Aliki Bay

* Timonija beach: bay with a sandy beach surrounded by hotels and B & Bs

* Livadi Bay: (underneath Archangelos monastery): long sandy beach with beach bar. However, there are underwater flat, slippery stones, some with sea urchins. Popular for nudists (off-season).

* Astris beach: sandy beach near the road. Opposite are several major hotels

* Psili Amos Beach: 1 km after Astris beach, beautiful sandy beach, a little crowded

Psili Amos Beach

* Potos Beach & Pefkari: Potos is one of the tourist centers of the island Thassos with long sandy beaches but a bit crowded. Since it is very popular with young people, there are many beach bars with music.

* Metalia beach: 1 km before Limenaria. Beautiful sandy beach with beach bar and factory ruins from the time when mining was still going on. A"must see" attraction.

* Limenaria: the second largest village in Thassos and a center of tourism. Very long beautiful sandy beaches that are not crowded even in high season, although many hotels lining along the beach line.

* Trypiti: picturesque small sandy beach, usually crowded, but a "must see".

* Scala Maries: There are several beautiful sandy beaches on both sides of the village, which are not usually crowded

* Scala Maries to Prinos: Along the road there are many smaller, often deserted beaches. Even in high season here you can find a quiet places to relax. Popular with nudists. Most visited are the beaches of Scala Kalirachi and Scala Sotiros.

* Scala Prinos: several beautiful long sandy beaches with beach bars, not too crowded

* Scala Prinos to Limenaria / Thassos: Along the road are many smaller beaches, usually with beach bars. Most visited are the beaches around Scala Rachoni (Pahis beach, Glyfada Beach)


Thasos is a green, mountainous island with many picturesque bays and sandy beaches. The landscape is similar to Chalkediki/Sithonia. It has no senior antiquities and is not a party island like Mykonos. It is the ideal holiday destination for families and people who want to relax. Although there are a number of antiquities to visit and there are beaches and nightlife, but not as pronounced as in the strongholds of the Greek island tourism.


Greek is the official language of Greece, and therefore it's spoken by all the permanent inhabitants of the island and most of its visitors, but the foreign visitor will have no problem at all communicating in foreign languages, mainly in English.

Get in

Thasos does not have its own airport, so the only way on or off the island is by boat. Ferries travel to and from Keramoti (Keramoti-Limenas) and Kavala(Kavala-Scala Prinos) daily. A former line from Nea Peramos to Scala Prinos is not working anymore. Travellers can fly into the nearby "Alexander the Great" airport in Kavala (Chrysoupolis), around 20km from Keramoti port.

Get around

The island has one main road which circles the perimeter. There is an hourly bus service during summer. Taxis are common and can be called from most restaurants, bars and supermarkets. Car and bike hire is possible from many of the larger towns and villages.



- Thassos (Limenas): old harbor, ancient town, amphitheater, acropolis, castle, museums

- Panagia and Potos village

- Aliki

- Giola

- Limenaria and Metalia Beach

- Trypiti


* Hiking. Thasos is suitable not only for swimming but also offers many scenic walking tracks. Especially in the fall and in the spring when it is not so hot, many tourists use this alternative to beach life. There are local shops to buy hiking equipment and maps. For those who don't like to walk on their own in the mountains there are also organized tours. Information can be found in the Internet under "walk on Thasos". Popular trails are:

  1. From Limenas to Makriamos and further to the Golden Beach (4h, 13km, mostly flat)
  2. From Potos to Theologos (3 h, 10km, slightly ascending)
  3. From Theologos to Kastro (2 h, 6km, steep climb)
  4. From Maries to the lake and waterfall (1 h, 3km, mostly flat)
  5. From Ag. Georgios for abandoned old village of Ag. Georgios (1.5-2 h, a steep ascent)

* Water sports is available at many organized beaches. There are boats, jet skis, banana boats and water parachutes available. For those who are interested in aqualung diving there are 2 large diving schools in Potos and Pefkari

* Cave climbing is possible in Thassos too. There are many ancient tunnels and mines. Thasos was famous for gold, iron, manganese mining in older times. The tunnels are just abandoned and should only be entered with extreme caution. There is some special literature about the mines also describing their exact locations.


There are restaurants and fast food places around the island in very large numbers. Since the quality varies from season to season, it is impossible to provide reliable recommendations. It is better to ask advice from other tourists there.


Centers for nightlife are Limenas, Limenaria and Potos. Since the "popular locations" change each year, it is recommended to inquire locally by other travelers.


Thasos has few bigger hotel complexes but a large number of small hotels, guest houses and private rooms, which are listed in the famous hotel search engines and evaluated.

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