Mexican food

The cuisine of Mexico is mainly influenced by the indigenous American and Spanish cuisines.



Some crops native to Mesoamerica, ubiquitous in Mexican cooking, are corn (maíz), tomatoes (tomato), avocado (aguacate), beans (frijoles) and cocoa. Beans and corn had nearly religious significance among some of the Precolumbian cultures and there is still hardly a food item without them. Other staples, such as rice (arroz), or wheat (trigo) have origins outside the Americas but have become integrated into Central American as well as Mexican cuisine

As Mexico is home to one of the widest varieties of cactus species, edible cacti and their fruits are also sometimes used as ingredients.

International versions

Internationalized versions of Mexican dishes are eaten all around the world.

Other popular fusions include Korean-Mexican dishes such as Korean tacos and bulgogi burritos, and Japanese takoraisu from Okinawa.

Popular dishes


Meat and poultry

Tortilla-based dishes

A burrito

Other dishes

Tex-Mex dishes

a bowl of chili con carne

Sides and sauces

Pico de Gallo. The green pieces are cilantro leaves; a somewhat acquired taste
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