The Royal Palace of Tétouan.

Tetouan is a city in Mediterranean Morocco. The city's medina has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Get in

As a transportation hub in the north, Tetouan is very easy to reach by bus or grand taxi. Many travelers only see the bus station en route from Ceuta or Tangier to Chefchaouen, but it is well worth a longer visit.

Get around

Both the CTM bus station as well as the non-CTM bus station are located in the center, though the walk from the CTM station to the center is a hike up a rather steep hill.

The city center is quite small and most tourist attractions-- as well as hotels-- are located there, so there really is no need to use petite taxis. But if you choose to stay at one of the hotels on the way to Martil (Champs or Dreams) petite taxis and grand taxis are always available.

Petite taxis are very cheap, though the fare increases if you have luggage.

Though there is a decent-sized public bus system, they are notorious for running late and being filthy.

To get to nearby beaches, like Martil, Cabo Negro, Ricon, Marina Smir, and Kabila, grand taxis are easily found at a bottom of Rue Moulay Abbas (the road running along the park, beautiful views of the Rif Mountains). The fare for a single passenger to Martil is 5 dirham, but if you want a little more room you should purchase two seats. For less popular destinations, like Marina Smir, or for a more direct route to beaches like Cabo Negro and Kabila which require two different grand taxi rides, some travelers choose to bargain with the driver to purchase the whole taxi. This is often more expensive, but well worth it considering the time saved and the increased comfort. Drivers are often very happy to arrange to pick up passengers after their day at the beach, saving travelers time as well as hassle.

Local buses are also an adventure and cheaper than taxis. For example, when heading to Ceuta, you can take bus number 35 from just outside the CTM terminal, takes about an hour and drops you in Fnidiq. You can walk from there to the border (~30 minutes). After the border there are buses to the city center (0,80 eur).


Tetouan enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The average summer temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, while the average winter temperature is a wholly comfortable 22 degrees Celsius.

The city boasts an amazing amount of annual sunshine.


Arts and crafts


There is an old Kasbah on the top of the hill overlooking the town, with a good view of the mountains if you have a few hours to kill.




Za3Za3 is one of the most locally famous juices. It's a kind of milk-shake with avocado, banana, apple, some almonds, and some other ingredients.


Stay safe

Be alert at the bus station here; since many travelers only pass through, this is a popular spot for touts. When attempting to purchase a ticket, only talk with someone behind one of the counters, not with anyone standing anywhere near it. Some even have friends working in the bus station who will back them up in their attempt to divert you into an expensive taxi by agreeing that there are no buses to your destination. Be persistent, and show a willingness to wait as long as it takes.

While some complain this town is filled with hustlers and hasslers, others find it charming and a perfect place to make some Moroccan friends, especially if you speak Spanish.

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