Teslić (Cyrillic: Теслић) is a town and municipality on the Usora River in the central part of the Republika Srpska entity, in north-central Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Tesliċ is a well known tourist destination, mainly because of the Banja Vrućica, а health spa for healing cardio-vascular diseases. With a recently upgraded complex of five hotels and a capacity of over 1000 beds, Banja Vrućica has the biggest tourist capacity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also worth mentioning nearby mountain Borje, an attractive tourist destination, with two hotels and sports facilities.


The town was settled in the 19th century with the first industrialization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Main industries are wood products and the chemical industry. Long before Tesliċ began to rise a nearby village called Čečava existed as one of the oldest places people inhabited, there is archaeological evidence that Čečava existed as early as the 10th century. Teslić was until the late 1950s among the largest industrial centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today Tesliċ industry is mostly based on the production of wood, milk, clothing, telecommunications, electro industry, metallic industry and building construction.

Get in

By car

Tesliċ has a beautiful countryside to drive in as the scenery is spectacular. Enjoy the scenic route to Banja Luka via mount Borja and Liplje Monastery.

By plane

The closest regional and international airport is Banja Luka, about an hour away for Teslic. If arriving by plane, the best deals are to travel via Belgrade (Serbia) Nikola Tesla International Airport , Sarajevo (Bosna and Herzegovina) (shorter route), or Zagreb, Croatia.

By bus

You can try and find direct bus lines from some of European cities to Teslic and Doboj (about 25km from Teslic), but in that case your journey may be quite long. A bus from Belgrade costs about 12 Euros (Oct 2006), Buses also run from Sarajevo and other cities.

Bus Zagreb - Doboj Departure: 14:00 Arrival: about 18:00

Price (one-way): about 13 Euro.

Belgrade Bus Station Železnička 4, 2644-455 Ticket Offices 00-24 Information and reservation, tel. 2636-299 (5.30 AM -10.00 PM) BAS turist, Železnička 4, tel. 2658-759, 2627-146 (7.00 AM - 8.00 PM) BAS turist, Sremska, tel. 2622-526, 180-377 (8.00 AM -8.00 PM)

Bus Belgrade – Doboj Departure:07:00 - Arrival: 13:00 Departure:10:00 - Arrival: 16:00 Departure:22:30 - Arrival: 04:30

Bus Novi Sad – Doboj Departure:06:00 - Arrival: around 11:00 Departure:07:00 - Arrival: around 12:00 Departure:07:30 - Arrival: around 12:30

By train

Railway options are pretty good as Doboj is railway junction of BiH. From European countries, direct lines from Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Nis are bus and railway lines, as follows:

Train Zagreb – Doboj Departure: 8:57 Arrival: 14:55 Price (one-way): about 15 Euro.

Train Belgrade – Doboj Departure: 15:30 Arrival: 22:30 Price (one-way): about 11Euro.

Train Budapest – Doboj Departure: 17:45 Arrival: 02:27 Price (one-way): about 35 Euro.

Train Sarajevo – Doboj Departure: 10:41 Arrival: 13:34 Departure: 20:32 Arrival: 23:25 Price (one-way): about 9 Euro.

For more information – www.zrs-rs.com

Get around

The best way to get around is on foot. For taxi service, go to Tesliċ main square by the newly built Serb Orthodox Church. Hitching is not advised, and walking between towns can prove dangerous (including in areas which may not have been de-mined).


Monastery Liplje
Momčilo Stones
Rastusa Caves

Tourist Agencies



The most available food in Teslic is Cevapi (normally 2-4 KM), the ubiquitous Balkan kebab. Two prominent variations exist - the "Banja Luka" Cevap, a larger kebab with a square shape, and the Sarajevo Cevap, smaller and round. If not had before, every visitor should try an order of Cevapi at least once. There are several variations of pita (around 2KM), a sometimes-greasy pastry made of filo dough and stuffed with meat (Burek), cheese (Sirnica), spinach (Zeljanica), potatoes (Krompirusa) or apple (Jabukovaca).

Local food is heavy on meat and fish, and light on vegetarian alternatives. Even traditional so-called vegetarian dishes like beans or Pasulj are cooked with bacon or smoked meats. Stews often contain meat but can be created without. Fast food, with the exceptions of cevapi and pita (or burek) consists of, like in other parts of Europe, pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs. Pannini sandwiches are served in most coffee shops popular with the youth, and Serbian coffee, reminiscent of Turkish coffee, is a must-try for any coffee aficionado.


The legal drinking age in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 18 years(changed in 2005). Popular beers are Banjalucko ( Nektar beer ). Even in more heavily Islamic areas alcohol is available in abundance to those who choose to drink and almost every bar is fully stocked.

"Rakija' which comes in many a variety and is made both commercially and at home. Red wine is 'Crno vino' (Black wine) and white wine is 'bjelo vino'. Alcohol is not taxed as heavily as in most Western nations and is often very affordable. Quality alcohol is sought after and valued.

Tip: How to toast, Serb style: Like everywhere, Serbs from Bosnia love to toast when in good company, whether it's in a pub or in the home with friends. When toasting, it is expected that you look your friends at the table directly in the eyes whilst clinking glasses as a sign of respect. Say 'Živjeli!' (cheers!) to everyone and take a sip. Repeat as necessary, and enjoy a night out in Teslic!


Tesliċ is a very popular tourist destination in the region, mainly because of the Banja Vrućica, а health spa for healing cardio-vascular diseases. With a complex of five hotels and a capacity of over 1000 beds, Banja Vrućica has the biggest tourist capacity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also worth mentioning nearby mountain Borje, an attractive tourist destination, with two hotels and sports facilities and nearby Liplje Monastery.


Spa of Vrucica (Banja Vrucica) The thermo-mineral water, as the most important resource, the geographic position and the climate, the arranged complex and built capacitis, as well as the people factor, contributed that the Spa offers a very wide spectrum of healt services today, out of them are an included part of defined health programms.

The accommodation capacity of Vrucica Spa are circled to some more than 1000 beds so far, and including private accommodation of about 500 categorized beds, make this Spa complex a leader in our environment in the area of the health, congress and recreation tourism.

Banja Vrucica Complex Hotels


With one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe (in some areas up to 40%, official rate 17%), it will be unlikely you will find legitimate employment in the country unless you are working for a multi-national organisation. Try looking into local NGO's including OSCE , EUFOR or USAID.

Stay safe

If you plan on traveling off the beaten path in Teslic region, be aware of the estimated 5 million land mines left around the countryside during the war of 1992-1995. In rural areas try to stay on paved areas if possible, and never touch any unarmed explosive device. Houses and private property were often rigged with mines as their owners fled during the war. If an area or property looks abandoned, stay away from it until it has been cleared by a demining team.


Religion sensitive culture

Churches and mosques are popular tourist attractions enjoyed by many in this region, but as with any religion encountering one another, there is room for misunderstanding. Some tourists have found themselves more confronted than they expected. Enter discussion about this with politeness and caution, or, of course, not at all.

Yugoslav civil war and land mines

Respect the ethnic differences of the people in the Teslic region and their effort to move past the Yugoslav civil war. It is important to be careful in areas where there is still tension and to ensure that one does not offend a particular group due to indifference or sheer ignorance. Always consult local tour guides for advice on the natural dangers and land mines.

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