Terra Nova National Park

Terra Nova National Park is in Eastern Newfoundland. It joined Canada's National park system in 1957. It is Canada's most easterly national park and, like all of Canada's national park System, Terra Nova is dedicated to protecting and celebrating the beauty and variety of the land. Terra Nova is an excellent way to experience the nature, discovery and adventure of eastern Newfoundland. It is a place where sheltered Atlantic fiords stretch inland to touch the boreal landscape.

The Terra Nova region is rich in natural resources, such as fish and sea mammals. These resources have attracted people to the Terra Nova area for at least 5,000 years. Prehistoric peoples and European settlers depended on the rich resources of the sea and land, as do many people in the region today.



The first settlers in Canada originally landed at Alexander Bay; what is now the coast of Terra Nova National Park.


Flora and fauna

Moose, bear, fox, lynx, and beaver are commonly found, as are many wildflowers, conifers, and deciduous trees.

Get in

The park lies along the Trans Canada Highway, making it easy enough to reach by road. Depending on where you're coming from -eastern or western Newfoundland- you will enter through the eastern or western gate. The highway's route through the park is some 40km long, with signs to point you to the Visitor Information Marine Centre in Salton's Brook as well as to campgrounds and other relevant stops.

DRL operates a range or daily busroutes all around Newfoundland, and has stops near both the eastern and the western gate of Terra Nova National Park.

If you happen to have your own boat, the park is accessible by sea too, along the northeastern side of the island. For docking and boat launces, try Inner Newman Sound. The mouth of the Southwest Arm in Alexander Bay is another good docking option.

By Air

Terra Nova National Park is:


Daily park fee is $5.80 annual fee is $29.40. Camping, fishing and mooring are additional costs.







Accommodation, except camping can be found just outside the park boundaries, for example:



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Routes through Terra Nova National Park

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