The Friendship Bridge in Termez connecting Uzbekistan with Afghanistan.

Termez or Termiz is a city in Surkhandarya, Uzbekistan.


Termiz is right along the border with Afghanistan (the Amu Darya or Oxus river) and is currently a major supply hub for the NATO war operations there. It is also a busy transport hub for goods entering and leaving Afghanistan due to the Friendship Bridge, built by the Soviet Union.

Old Termez lie 12 km west of the modern center. Alexander the Great is credited as the founder of the city, though there is little evidence of his passage. The stuff of the Hellenistic period may still be buried under the layers of the Kushan period, when the settlement grew in importance. Two sites in the vicinity, Shor tepe and Kampyr tepe, seem to have got more importance under Achaemenid and Hellenistic rule. The latter was a fortified city at Alexander's time.

Since from the early days of the unified empire of Kanishka I (127–163), Old Termez, controlling a strategic position on the north bank of the Oxus at its junction with the Surkhan Darya, became an important center on the Silk Road and the caravan trade brought Buddhism' religious precepts along with the distinctive art forms of Gandhara style. In 689 AD the city fell to Arab Muslim invaders, replaced by the 11th century and onwards by Turkic tribes. Karakhanids erected the domed mausoleum over the grave of 9th century mystic Al Hakim At-Termizi. In 1218 shah Muhammad II of Khwarezm ordered the execution of Mongol envoys seeking to establish trade relations. As a result Mongol armies crossed the Amur Darya and after a two-day siege razed to the ground Old Termez in their way to Urgench. The city was rebuilt in a new relocation few miles eastwards.

In the second half of the 19th century the village of Patta Hissar acquired importance when it was made a dock for the Russian steamships on the Amu-Darya. In 1898 Termez was annexed by the Russian crown.

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By plane

The   Termez International Airport (IATA: TMJ), ICAO: UTST), is linked with Moscow-Domodedovo, St Petersburg and Tashkent by direct flights of Uzbekistan Airways and VIM Airlines. Minibuses 11 from the airport stop at Yubileyny Bazaar.

By train

Termez's main   train station lies north of the city center. There is a night train from Tashkent every second day, leaving Tashkent Pass Csentr. at 9 PM and arriving next day at 11:40 AM.

By bus

Coming from Afghanistan, it is possible to take a shared taxi or drive to Hairatan on the other side of the river and then walk across the border. The   main bus station is in the city centre at the western end of Navoi street.

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Isuzu 7-seater Marshrutkas.


Archaeological Museum, Termiz.
Fayoz-Tepe, Buddhist monastery
Mausoleum of Al Hakim At-Termizi

Termez is the southernmost city in Uzbekistan which has a lot of historical sights.

Further afield


Central bazar near clock tower (centre of modern town). Black market money changers opposite on the same street.


Last chance for alcoholic beverages before crossing to Afganistan (Uzbek customs ban export of alcohol.)



Post office by the central clock tower. Small internet kiosk accross the street (near taxi rank).

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