Terceira is in Azores.


Angra do Heroísmo


Third largest island, its airport is the length of the island and fairly small. Right off the airplane, all that can be seen is lucious green and white houses. The people who inhabit the island still rely on agriculture for income and there are very few restaurants on the island. The scenery however is hilltop after hilltop of true Portuguese culture.


Most of the locals speak some English, at least the young or professionals in the city speak it. Portuguese is the main language. If you're fluent in Spanish, you can get by alright.

Get in

SATA and TAP airlines both have direct flights from Boston to Terceira's airport, which is in the American military base in the city of Lajes. Taxis and buses are available at the airport to get to your destination around the island.

Get around

Numerous taxi services on the island. Their unmistakable eggshell white/cream color with two broad blue hashlines behind the passenger door. Very well maintained vehicles. Most drivers do speak English, or one can be requested. Local drivers on the island are careless. Be very careful driving around. Livestock has right of way, only seen on the interior rural areas of the island. There is one highway, the Via Rapida, which connects Praia de Vitoria to Angra De Heroismo. A 15-20 minute drive. 60mph/100km is the main speed limit for the Via Rapida There are many car rental services around the airport and hotels. the airport is very small, located in Praia De Vitoria. There are also ferrys to the other islands. Atlanticoline is the site for the island ferries. SATA and TAP are the two airlines that utilize Terceira Airport. TAP is mainly for Lisbon flights, while SATA visits the closer and smaller islands.


One main beach on the island is at Praia de Vitoria. It is man made and small, about 1 mile at best, but is a usual summer hangout for the locals. There are numerous man made "pools" around the island, which are connected to the ocean.


In the summer time, street bullfights take place in towns. A bull is tethered and held by a group of men to keep it from running off, while bystanders are given the opportunity to participate as rodeo clowns. It is safer to watch from a distance and behind a barrier of at least 6 ft. Bullfighting arenas also exist on the island. The summer months are when most of the feasts on the island take place. This is a time when families and communities gather to celebrate, dance, and eat in the streets and throughout the island.


- Visit the naturally formed volcanic caves (Algar do Carvão and Gruta do Natal) on the interior of the island. There are many natural rock pools in place of beaches of coastal towns. Visit Biscoitos and enjoy swimming between lava rocks.

- In Praia da Vitória city there is a Diving Center with a professional PADI and SSI team, where you can make daily fun dives or other diving activities like: scuba diving courses, trying scuba experiences or snorkelling tours. The email address is geral@octopusportugal.com and the contact is +351 965431985.


There are many restaurants on the island that cater to the local dishes and other internationally renowned cuisine. Seafood is the main specialty on the island as is locally cultured cheese and bread, great with the local wines. Try the restaurant Beira Mar in fishing village São Mateus. They have the best seafood and fresh fish. Recommended Ambientes com Sabores, a gourmet Azorian restaurant. Lunch menus for 9€ during the week. There is at least one Chinese restaurant, Dai Hou, in Angra. One Indian, Irish pub and one African restaurant. yet to be visited.


Vinho Verdelho (Green Wine) from Biscoitos and other locally made and very fine wines

Stay safe

Like most of the world, it is not uncommon for petty thievery to occur. Unlocked cars with visible possessions will look like an invitation for thieves. It is advisable the cars doors be locked, valuables be with you at all times or at least concealed. Maintain visual contact with your belongings. There isn't a rash of thievery on the island, but is a common precaution anywhere in the world as tourists are always less informed making them easier prey for opportunists.

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