Tepelene is in Southeastern Albania. This district has two cities: Tepelene and Memaliaj, and a lot of villages. This district includes "Kurvelesh", a region famous for its bravery and polyphonic characteristic songs. This region has 15 villages, which are: Gusmari, Vërmiku, Nivica, Rexhini, Progonati, Lekdushi, Golemi, Kaparieli, Picari, Kolonja, Kuç, Bolenë, Kallarat, Fterrë and Çorraj.

Get in

By car

From Tirana, you can get to Tepelene following the itinerary Tirana-Durres-Rrogozhine-Lushnje-Fier-Levan-Tepelene (3h-3h30min). The roadway is new and has good quality. From Greece, you can go through Kakavije-Gjirokaster-Tepelene (1h-1h20min). From Kosovo, you follow: Morine-Kalimash-Rreshen-Milot-Fushe Kruje-Durres-Rrogozhine-Lushnje- (from Milot, around 5h-6h) From Macedonia, you follow Qafe Thane-Librazhd-Elbasan-Rrogozhine-Lushnje-Fier-Tepelene (3h-3h30min from Qafe Thane). From Montenegro, you can follow Muriqan-Shkodra-Lezhe-Fushe Kruje-Milot-Durres-Lushnje-Fier-Levan-Tepelene (around 5h-5h30min from Muriqan).

By plane

You can come also through Rinas Airport (in Tirana) If you come with a plane, you can (i) rent a car (this is the most preferred and the prices are lower than in other parts of Europe);

By bus

Take the bus in Tirana at the crossroad between Kavaja Street with Unaza e Re. It costs around 700 leks, or €5. Ask the driver to leave you in Tepelene. With a taxi: Find a taxi with a good car in Tirana, and ask the driver if he speaks a foreign language. If you can't find a driver that speaks a language you know, kindly someone that is walking near you at that moment to translate (find a young boy or girl, as they speak foreign languages better). Through your translator, tell the taxier to send you to Tepelene, and negotiate the price beforehand.

By sea

Take the boat to Vlora or Durres, then go to Tepelene (through Vlore-Kuc-Tepelene or Durres-Rrogozhine-Lushnje-Fier-Levan-Tepelene)


There are a lot of things to be seen in Tepelene.


Walk around Kurveleshi. Ask for a guesthouse to the local tourist information office and enjoy the well-known hospitality.


tepelena water


Don't forget to enjoy the traditional food.


Tepelena Water


There are a few hotels and guesthouses in Tepelene.


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