Tengboche (3,870 m) is a large monastery and the surrounding settlement. It is located in Khumbu.


Get in

On foot - a good 6 or 7 hour hike from Namche

Get around

on foot



Every October or November, Tengboche holds the Mani Rimdu festival that consists of nineteen day's of meditation, ceremonies of "pujas" and culminates with a blessing ceremony and spectacular mask dances. Tengboche monastery officially publishes the dates on their website.


There are no shops in the village, but the lodges keep a stock of necessities, such as batteries, throat lozengers, bandages etc - but remember that prices increase with altitude, so expect to pay more than in Namche.


There is a bakery outside the monastery gate that serves pizza and coffee - it claims to be the highest bakery in the world, and at nearly 4,000m it is easy to believe.


There are four lodges in the field in front of the monastery and one in the back, and their quality and price are about the same.

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