Telavi is a city in the province of Kakheti in the country of Georgia.

Get in

There are 3 marshrutka stations.

From Tbilisi, marshrutkas depart more or less hourly (at least 9am and 10am, but there many more throughout the day) from the Ortachalla station (in front of the station). Price: 10 GEL (June 2015) Duration: 2h30 (the high duration compared to the small distance explained by the fact that the marhshrutkas do not use the direct road, but go almost until Sighnaghi before heading to Telavi).

Although Sighnaghi and Telavi are close to each other, there are only 1-2 marshrutkas a day, so check the schedule beforehand.

Get around

The city is small enough to be walkable. However, visiting the neighboring sites requires the use of further marshrutkas and/or taxis.

Whereas seeing one or two sites (e.g., castle + Alaverdi cathedral) can be a one-day activity from Tbilisi, it is best to stay several days in Telavi to fully enjoy the surroundings.



To get there, take marshrutka bound to Alaverdi from the small marshrutka station in front of the main marshrutka station on Alazari avenue. Price: 1.30 Lari. Duration: about 30 minutes. Departs more or less hourly. To get back, wait in front of the cathedral for the next marshrutka.

Tsinandali village

It's about 8 km eastward from Telavi. To get there take marshrutka from the main marshrutka station (0.5 GEL) or take a taxi (5 GEL).



Different sorts of wine in the small wineries as well at manufactures, handmade crafts are very beautiful, take some picture in the local gallery. This said, Sighnaghi is (even) more famous for wine.


Several restaurants on the main street, majority of them located on the basement level.


Kakheti is Georgia's most famous wine region, so Telavi is perfect for sampling some. The tourist information (along Erekli 2 street) has an overview of all the wine cellars and companies in and around Telavi, and maps of the region if you have your own car.

A good starting point is the shop close to the big Plane tree and the statue in Telavi itself. The staff speaks fluent English, they sell wines from a number of wineries and they have information and prices for different tastings you can do. They can also organize a driver to take you there.


There are several homestays on Nadakhvari street, and if they are full they can usually organize for you to stay at a neighbours'. 25GEL per person without, and 30GEL with breakfast.

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