Teknaf is the southern-most city on the mainland in Bangladesh, on the narrow strip running along the coast of Myanmar. It's a dusty featureless frontier town - this is remote Bangladesh and it feels like it. Electricity can be scarce, so having a flashlight for the dark evenings is wise.

Get in

Salt fields near Teknaf

You can take a bus straight from Dhaka to Teknaf. Saudia: Leave at 8.30PM daily (to Dhaka 6:30PM) S. ALAM: leaves Dhaka daily at 10:30PM (to Dhaka 6:15PM)

Get around

Auto-rickshaws (babytaxis) can be found near the bus stop. To the main ferry port should costs Tk 50 and to Keari Sindbad's port Tk 70. Cycle-rickshaws may be cheaper but the road north can be steep and you'll end up walking a good deal of the way. Using the Bangla word "Bondor" (port) will yield the best results, but beware that "bandor" means monkey, so choose your vowels carefully.



There's a market down the road behind the bus stop and over the bridge in which can be found goods smuggled from Myanmar, possibly even beer.


There's a largish restaurant tucked behind the bus stop that serves decent food at decent prices, and several more similar restaurants along the road behind the bus stand en route to the bridge. None are signed in English.


Inquire at your hotel or at one of the local restaurants and you may be able to score some beer from Myanmar.


It's likely that you'll have to spend a night here en route to Saint Martins Island, since the ferries leave so early.

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