Taytay is a municipality on the island of Palawan in the Philippines.


Taytay is located 220 kilometers northeast of Puerto Princesa. It is bounded in the north by El Nido, in the south by San Vicente and Dumaran, in the east by Taytay Bay and the Sulu Sea, and in the west by the South China Sea.

Get in

Most tourists go to Taytay by road. From El Nido in the north, it is about one and a half hours by bus or van. From Puerto Princesa in the south, it is about 4 hours by bus or van. Private hire vans are available in Taytay to take you to the next part of your journey, or visa versa.

The Company RoRo Bus offer rides from Puerto Princesa (4 1/2 hours, Non-AC 280₱, AC ₱360; Status 2014). Some (mini-)buses from El Nido hold in Taytay. Ask around.

Get around

MultiCab and tricycles are the most common means to get around Taytay, and are widely available. Tricycles can be fairly limited to certain areas and may not be able to go very long distances, so ASK before boarding. Do remember to state the road name and the district (Barangay), as some road names are repeated. Standard tricycle fare around the city is 30 pesos if you just want to go a few streets away, or about 60-150 pesos if you are going to the outskirts (i.e., 7km away, or the place is on an unpaved road, etc). Tricycle drivers are generally nice and quote only about 50% more than the standard rate if you look foreign, so just nicely counter-offer them a fair value and they will usually accept.


Note: Some of this attractions are more known by native visitors, not much by tourists.




Go next

From RoRo Bus Terminal, buses go to Puerto Princesa (4 1/2 hours, Non-AC 280₱, AC ₱360; Status 2014). All (mini-)buses to El Nido wait in Taytay.

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