Tangting is a town in Kaski, Nepal.


Tangting is a beautiful Gurung village located just outside of Pokhara, Nepal. Set in the lap of the Annapurnas, it has yet to be reached by the mainstream tourist influence that has changed much of the usual trekking routes. It retains a pristine atmosphere and cultural integrity that truly touches the soul. For the adventurous and able traveler, Tangting is absolutely a must-see, and not just see, but experience.

The people of Tangting are beautiful, kind, and friendly.

Get in

To get to Tangting is an adventure in itself. First you take a jeep from Pokhara. These jeeps run from Kahu Khola, about 10 km east of Lakeside. Taxi drivers will know it. The jeeps run 5 or 6 times daily to Jhaundu. From there, you walk. The trail is not entirely clear so it's best to go with someone who knows (a guide). Call the Deu Maya Tour and Travel Company or go to the office in Lakeside for help.

Get around

Getting around in Tangting is all walking of course. The "streets" are cobblestoned and scenic.




Get the chance to participate in village life!


Hand-woven fabrics, magic munch biscuits, tomatoes that grow on trees!


Dhindo, ghundruk,


Chyaang, raksi

Go next

Same way you got in. It is important to be flexible with your plans and ready for an adventure.

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