Tangerang is a satellite city of Jakarta in West Java, Indonesia. The head of government in the city of Tangerang is a mayor ("walikota"). There are 5 sub-districts ("kecamatan") in the city of Tangerang: Tangerang (postal code 1511X), Batuceper (15121, 15122, 15127-15129), Benda (15123-15126), Jatiuwung (1513X), Cipondoh (1514X), Ciledug (1515X).

The population of the city of Tangerang is 1,488,666 people. The area is 165 sq. km. The population density is 9047 people/sq. km.

Tangerang Regency/"Kabupaten Tangerang", is the suburbs of Tangerang. The head of government is a regent ("bupati"). There are 26 districts/"Kecamatan" on Tangerang regency. There is also South Tangerang/"Tangerang Selatan", a city located south of Tangerang that was originally part of the regency. The south area consists of 7 districts

The population of the Tangerang residency is 3,080,237 people. The area is 1,110 sq. km. The population density is 2775 people/sq. km.


Like most parts of Jakarta, the area is heavily traffic congested and disorderly, except in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) and Lippo Karawaci areas, which are maintained by private companies. Few people visit these areas other than for business and missionary activities, which are conducted by most expats residing in this satellite city. These areas were developed expressly for commercial and residential purposes, not for tourism. The most tourist-drawing spot may be found in Ocean Park.

Get in

By plane

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Benda, Tangerang. Pondok Cabe airport is a small airport used by Police, small airplanes, skydiving, gliders and aerosport. If you charter helicopter or small plane, you can request (in advance) for permission to land on the Pondok Cabe airport. The small Budiarto airport at Curug, Tangerang Regency, is used for pilot training (Curug aviation school).

By taxi

You can use metered taxi to reach Tangerang from Jakarta. The cost is approx. US$ 9 - 10. The trip will take up to 2 hours. It's better to order the taxi from the taxi companies because most taxi drivers refuse to go to Tangerang. Taxis from Jakarta are not allowed to take any passengers from Tangerang to Jakarta.

By bus

By train

Train to reach Tangerang are available from train stations of Gambir, Manggarai, Sudirman and Tanahabang. For luxury air conditioned trains, the fare is Rp. 7,500 - 8,000. They have two destinations to Tangerang: to BSD/Serpong: the train's name is Sudirman Express (from manggarai, Sudirman and Tanahabang Stations)

- to Tangerang are Benteng Express (from Gambir Station), Cisadane Express (from Manggarai, Sudirman and Tanahabang Stations))

Get around

Bluebird taxi is available by phone 24 hours. Considered one of the safest by tourists and locals in all bigger Jabodetabek region (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi). Depending on the departure place in Jakarta and destination in Tangerang City or Serpong area, the fare will be around Rp. 100,000 - Rp. 150,000. Some other safety taxis are Transcab and Express Taxi.

Premium taxis like Silverbird will offer you with better comfort and safety, but price is around 50% more expensive than regular taxis mentioned above.






Water fun


Shopping Mall

Duty Free Shops








Many restaurants are available at "Soekarno Hatta Airport" at Benda, Tangerang: McDonald, A&W, Dunkin Donuts, Hoka-Hoka Bento etc.

Ice Cream and Pastry





Stay safe

Local law enforcement cannot be relied on, so you may want to be even more cautious than you do in your hometown. Here is some of the most common crimes reported in Tangerang

ATM theft

If you are planning to draw your money in the ATM nearby (even in the mall) on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, make sure there's nobody wearing civilian uniforms welcomes you and pretends he will guard you. If you are trapped by his 'artificial' kindness, once you conduct your banking activities, he will call his crime-partner(s) outside to come in and pressure you to hand over your belongings. Some may kill you even after you do so. Be assured that the ATM machine you visit is camera monitored.

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Tangerang Police station (Polres): Polres Tangerang, Jl. Raya Daan Mogot, Tel.:+62 21 552-3160, +62 21 552-3003.

List of hospital with 24 hours emergency room:

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