The Tsna River in Tambov

Tambov is a mid-sized city in Chernozemye, the capital of Tambov Oblast.


Previously a southern fort built in 1636 against inroads of the Wild Field tribes the city grew into the provincial center and a bread basket of Russia. The history of Tambov is intertwined with all major events of Russian history, traces of which are imprinted on the city's architectural face. Also Tambov is famous for its wolves. In the 19th century wolf was a slang word for a season worker from Tambov, a person of rude manners. Not being a touristy hot spot, the city has preserved many historical buildings in the center, some of them are related to Russian Classicism like the building of Post Office (1786) or houses in Art-Nouveau style like cinema Modern (1908).

Get in

Tambov railway station is 452km away from Moscow. There are direct trains arriving from Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Novorossiysk.

Airport Tambov serves flights from Moscow and Sochi.

Get around

Trolleybus, bus, marshrutka, taxi.


Start walking along the River Tsna Promenade which is 2km-long and has two levels. You could see:

In the city center there are:


Formerly, this building was the Peasant Land Bank (1884).


Anything about the wolf, from souvenirs to vodka and sweets.



Stay safe

Don't walk alone after dark in suburbs.

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