Takaoka (高岡) is a port city in Toyama, Japan. While the prefecture's second-largest city, the main reason for travellers to visit is the ferry to/from Vladivostok, Russia.

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Takaoka has two main train stations. Takaoka Station, in the center of town, was once operated by JR and is now operated by the private Ainokaze Toyama Railway, with IR Ishikawa Railway trains offering one-seat service from Kanazawa. JR's primary services have moved to Shin-Takaoka Station to the south, served by the Hokuriku Shinkansen since March 2015. The two stations are connected with a short 3 minute trip on the JR Johana Line (¥140).

Hourly Hakutaka shinkansen services from Tokyo stop at Shin-Takaoka, taking 2 hours 45 minutes. Local trains to Takaoka connect with Hakutaka arrivals from Tokyo, and vice versa. The trip costs ¥13,580 for reserved seating. The Hakutaka, and the short trip from Shin-Takaoka to Takaoka, are fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass with the exception of premium GranClass seating.

Direct trains used to operate to Takaoka from the Kansai cities of Kyoto and Osaka, but this changed after the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. Thunderbird limited express trains now only run as far as Kanazawa (2 hours 45 minutes, ¥7,650 from Osaka).

By ferry

Fushiki-Toyama Port (伏木富山港 Fushiki-toyama-kō) is located a fair distance from central Takaoka. From the port, it's a ten-minute walk to JR Fushiki station, three stops away from Takaoka on the JR Himi Line (氷見線) which, incidentally, means "Ice-Watching Line". While JR Rail Passes are valid for this trip, beware that if you're entering Japan this way, the passes cannot be validated at Fushiki station; the nearest station that officially accepts them is Kanazawa, over 100 km away.

The Far East Shipping Company, represented in Japan by Bisintour , has services roughly once a week between Takaoka and Vladivostok, Russia. The ferry crossing takes two nights and one day, leaving around 6 PM and arriving around 9 AM both ways. Fares start from US$360/person sharing a 4-berth cabin, with meals. Students can travel for US$330, while return tickets are US$600.

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The Man'yōsen Tram Line trundles through town, starting at JR Takaoka station. Fares are ¥150-350 depending on the distance.


There are a few sights of mild interest in Takaoka.


Zuiryū-ji Temple

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