Bitchu Matsuyama Castle

Takahashi (高梁市 Takahashi-shi) is a city in Okayama Prefecture in the western Chugoku region of the island of Honshu in Japan.

Get in

By train

Takahashi City can be accessed via the JR Hakubi Line from Niimi (¥580) to the north and Soja (¥410), Kurashiki (¥580), and Okayama (¥840) from the south. Get off at Bitchu Takahashi Station.

By car

Route 180 passes directly through Takahashi City, so from Okayama and Soja, travel North on Route 180. From Yonago, connect to Route 180 from the Yonago West Interchange and travel south through Niimi.

From Hokuei and Kurayoshi, you can travel south on Route 313 or North from Ibara. From the West, you can reach Takahashi travelling on Route 484.

For travel to the Fukiya area, Route 85 will take you to the Bengara Village.

Get around

On foot

The area around Bitchu Takahashi Station is quite easy to navigate on foot. You can even walk to Bitchu Matsuyama Castle if you have the energy and time (1.5 hours estimated to reach the castle on foot). Many people choose to walk down from the castle and take a taxi to the top.

By taxi

Taxis are located just outside the station. For those who want to visit the castle, save time, and avoid walking up the mountain, taxis are highly recommended. It costs around ¥1300, but if you are travelling with others, the split cost makes it quite affordable.

Although taxis are a convenient and faster way to get to the Fukiya area, be aware that it is about a 40 minute drive, so the cost will be high.

By bus

If you choose to use the bus for travel to sites around the station, be aware that none of the buses go to the castle. The closest stop is at the bottom of the mountain.

For travel to the Fukiya area, take the Bihoku Bus from outside the station.


Fukiya area

Fukiya's Historic Bengara Village

The Fukiya area is quite far removed from the core of the city, centered around the castle and the station. The history of the area also differs, as Fukiya was once a bustling copper mining town; the leading producer of copper in Western Honshu during the Edo and Meiji Periods. After the Meiji Period, the mines were shut down and the area fell quiet. Today, it remains a quiet and peaceful town, but remnants of its past can be seen everywhere, from the mine shafts to the village itself.



The most popular souvenir from Takahashi is the Bengara cloth. The Bengara dyes have been made in the Fukiya area for centuries and they sell attractive scarves, bags, shirts, and other items made from the bengara cloth.



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