Taizhou (Zhejiang)

Taizhou (台州; Tāizhōu) is a city in Zhejiang.

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The closest airport to Taizhou is Luqiao

Other nearby airports include: Wenzhou (WNZ) and Hangzhou International (HGH)

By bus

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-Many flights from Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Shenzhen etc to Huangyan airpot weekly. From Huangyan airport take 20 minutes can reach each district of Taizhou City.

-From Shanghai to Taizhou take 4.5 hours by bus or car by using bay bridge.

-From Ningbo to Taizhou take 2 hours by bus or car, and take 1 hour by train(by 2010)

-From Hangzhou to Taizhou take 3 hours by bus or car.

-From Wenzhou airport to Taizhou take 1 hours by bus or car.


-The 901 and 902 bus run along ring shape route which across three major town of the Taizhou City-Huangyan,Luqiao and Jiaojiang District. Announced the stop in Chinese and English in urban area of each district. From one district to another cost ¥4 or ¥3.5, take 30-40 minutes.

-Most of the bus in the city equipped with air condition and IC Card Reader, you can take the bus in Taizhou, Ningbo, Shaoxin or other city in Yangtze River Delta by using the same IC card. Don't forget to use the IC card again when you get out from 901 or 902 bus.

-Taxis are ¥5 for the first 1.5km. 96520 is taxi service phone number.


Enjoy some streetside barbeque in Huangyan District's Night Market, where various trinkets and articles of clothing can also be found. Just say to any taxi driver "ye shi" (sounds like "yeh sure") and you'll get there. The eggplant is highly recommended.

You can also ascend Jiufeng Mountain, the impossible-to-miss backdrop of Huangyan district, which offers a good view of the region, numerous Confucian and Taoist temples, and a Buddhist temple near the summit that features a vegetarian restaurant. Stone and cement steps run up most of the mountain paths, though other paths require a little bit of hands-on climbing. You are likely to spot numerous residents descending with jugs filled with water from the mountain's spring, which is potable and almost sweet-tasting after a climb on a hot Summer day.

Also in Huangyan, be sure to visit the Celtic House Pub, a rather good Irish-American style pub with a menu that includes hamburgers, pulled pork, pizzas, salads, chili, and seasonal specials, and a fairly wide range of imported beers and liquors. Enjoy a free game of pool and get friendly with the colorful local clientele and international visitors alike. Be sure to say hi to Stephen or CJ. The Celtic House Pub is located along a wide alley just east of the Xi Jie Xiao Qu apartment complex.

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