Szeklerland (Romanian: Ţinutul Secuiesc, Hungarian: Székelyföld) is a region in Transylvania, Romania. The region's name comes from the majority of its inhabitants, Szekler people, also known as Szekely, a Transylvanian tribe related to Hungarians.




Szeklers are all ethnic Hungarians. "Szekler" is a regional Hungarian identity pretty much like Bavarian is for Germans, Tyrolean is for Austrians, etc. The history of Szekler Hungarians is equal with the Hungarian history going back to 896, but before that, it is still debated by historians about whether there were two separate people (Szeklers and Hungarians) who had merged or the Szeklers were always a sub-part of the Hungarian nation.

Some historical facts and legends say that Szeklers are direct descendants of Attila the Hun. Prince Csaba is said to have been the son of Attila, leader of the Huns.


The native tongue of Szekler people is [a dialect of] Hungarian.



Sighișoara (Romanian pronunciation: [siɡiˈʃo̯ara]; German: Schäßburg; Hungarian: Segesvár, Hungarian pronunciation: [’ʃɛɡɛʃvaːr] ( listen); Latin: Castrum Sex) is a city on the Târnava Mare River in Mureș County, Romania.

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