Sydney/Sydney Olympic Park

The spectacular Olympic Park Railway Station

Sydney Olympic Park, is an area 15km west from Sydney City. It is on western reaches of Sydney Harbour, and was the home of the 2000 Olympic Games.

The Sydney Olympic Park area, together with the surrounding areas on the Parramatta River including the neighbouring suburb of Newington, provides numerous venues for athletic events: aquatic, archery, tennis, golf, hockey and more. It is also home of open spaces and parks such as Bicentennial Park, Wentworth Common, Blaxland Riverside Park, Woo-La-Ra and Wilson Park. When there are no events on, the area around the station and the main venues can become very quiet. At 6PM most evenings you can have Olympic Boulevard largely to yourself.

Access to the area and to the parklands is free, although parking can be expensive.

Get in

By train

Olympic Park is accessible through its own   'Olympic Park Station' At most times you must travel to Lidcombe station and transfer to the Olympic Park sprint (shuttle) trains. During major events, direct trains to Olympic Park also run from Central, Redfern and Strathfield stations, and sometimes also from other locations. Olympic Park station is wheelchair accessible.

Some parts of the park -- Bicentennial Park in particular -- are actually closer to   'Concord West station' , although still within easy walking distance of Olympic Park station. During major events travellers from the north may be encouraged to use Concord West rather than Olympic Park even for central events. Concord West is not wheelchair accessible. It is also $1.80 each way cheaper to travel to Concord West than Olympic Park.   'Rhodes Station' , one station further north on the Northern Line, is wheelchair accessible and can access the very northern end of Bicentennial Park but is a long way to any other of the area's attractions.

A common mistake made even by locals is to buy a ticket to and travel to Homebush station. Homebush station is a small suburban station located some distance from the Park, and tickets for Homebush station can't be used to access Olympic Park. Always ask for tickets to "Olympic Park" rather than "Homebush".

By bus

Unless you are already at a bus departure point, the train will usually be quicker.

For major events, like sporting events, and the Easter Show, the major event bus service operates, providing frequent event buses from most corners of Sydney.

By ferry

Sydney Ferries has a passenger wharf for   ' Sydney Olympic Park' on the Parramatta River. The wharf, which was used for the Olympic Torch journey to the stadium, is around 2 km from the Olympic Stadium area and other attractions served by the Railway Station, but is much closer to the Millennium Parklands, Newington Armoury and many of the area's cycling tracks.

By car

Major event parking is available in large multi-story car parks for $20. Parking in the multi-story carparks at other times is on a sliding scale up to $20. There is often free parking available at the aquatic centre if there are no major events on at the time. There is free parking in Bicentennial Park during the day, limited to 4 hours on weekdays. Traffic can be heavy during major events, but parking is usually available for all but the most major events. Check the Sydney Olympic Park website for details of parking and activities.

By bike

Several of Sydney's cycle routes converge on Sydney Olympic Park. The Cooks River Cycleway from Botany Bay. The Parramatta Valley Cycleway is linked by a cycle bridge over the Parramatta River linking Rhodes and Meadowbank (and on through Bicentennial Park). Cycling around when you get there is easy, with many paths and bicycle parking provided.

Get around

The train station and the bus stops is easy walking to the arenas, Olympic Boulevard, Bicentennial Park, and the Aquatic Centre. There is a bike hire centre as well.


The Brickpit walk


Annual Events


Shopping opportunities are a little limited, the closest major shops are at Newington or Lidcombe.


Near Olympic Boulevard and the Arenas

In the way of fast food, there is a McDonalds, Subway, Gloria Jeans and Muffin Break coffee shop in the stadium area, and not much else. Muffin Break has seating and a courtyard area often not crowded when there are queues at the other fast food places. These can close before some evening events finish. The Brewery serves food until a bit later.

Bicentennial Park

There is a kiosk in Bicentennial Park, near the kids playground. Open for lunch only. Good for ice-creams on a hot day.

Near the Ferry Wharf (Homebush Bay North)



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If you are staying at Sydney Olympic Park, you are about equidistant from Sydney City and Parramatta. Stay on the M4 past Parramatta, and in 90 minutes or so you could be in the Blue Mountains.

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