Summer camp

Summer camp is an organized vacation away from home, typically for children and teenagers.

In some countries, the government provides subsidies for disadvantaged children. Other camps are run by non-profit organizations, or as a business.

Types of summer camps

Sport camps

Health camps

Religious camps

There are camps related to Religion and spirituality

Scout camps

The scouts have international understanding part of their ideology. Global World Scout Jamborees are arranged every four years, with about ten thousand international participants and about as many from the region where it is arranged.

International participants are usually invited also to camps at the national level, and sometimes also to minor camps. On at least the bigger camps home hospitality is arranged as part of the event: the international participants spend some time, typically up to a week, as guests of a host family (a member of which usually participated in the camp). Also sightseeing tours are typically arranged.

The usual way to participate in a large camp abroad is as part of a national contingent, with adult leaders and younger scouts, who not necessarily know each other from before. Participation at minor camps is more often by smaller independent groups, such as part of a troop or even a patrol or similar, possibly with some adult leaders.

There are also other types of international meetings in the scout movement. International meetings in the form of Jamboree on the Air (by amateur radio) and nowadays also Jamboree on the Internet are arranged annually. Jamboree on the Trail is hikes arranged at the same time at many locations.

There are also international scout centres and hostels, where international visitors are welcome all or part of the year:

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